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Stuck to My Chest!


Hey everyone. I'm having alot of trouble of the chest. I have been doing incline wide grip bench and shoulder raises (with bands) and focusing alot on my shoulderds but i'm still having trouble. I floor pressed 2 days ago 225 and i struggled on the bottom but it shoots up when my triceps come into play. What work outs would you guys suggest? Thanks.

  • Ring/Blast Strap Pushups

  • Various Dumbbell Presses (incline, decline, seated, standing, etc)

  • Speed training: whether DE work, or just plyometrics, you need to make your motor units come into play at a faster rate.

  • more technique work, not maximizing your stretch reflex so work on your timing.

  • Or it might just be to heavy for you


Get stronger... Bench presses supplemented by bench presses.


Wide grip RE bench pressing.


So.....how's your lat strength? Immediately off the chest is typically a lat strength, speed, and/or technique problem. Could be shoulders as well I suppose. Pecs maybe too, but in most big benchers the pecs don't take a ton of the strain until the midrange. Depends on your grip.


umm... i don't think it is my lats. I think it is my front delt. My pecs arent very strong but i have read and heard that pecs play a very small role in bench so i just never trained it. well it was a wide grip floor press.


Xen Nova's recommendations were excellent. Consider them.


This list works but I'd like to add:

Try to add weight to dips, military / push pressing, incline and flat barbell benching, all in the 4-6-8 rep range

Heavy incline pressing (3RM) and then DB benching has been working real well for me lately


I will for sure use it but i also wanted to tell you what i'm doing for shoulders and tell me if its way off. Friday was my max reps for push (bench) so i did wide grip incline for 2 sets of 15 and then i did shoulder raises with bands (blue band for 1 set of 65 sec and another of 45) i also have been doing alot of bradford press but see i know this is all working my shoulder but i'm not sure if its hitting the right section (front delt)


How do you know it is not your lats? You seemed to dismiss that decent suggestion rather quickly.

I had trouble getting the bar off my chest and then I started training my back more and my bp weight went up. Now my sticking point is two inches off my chest.

I've read that Jim Wendler recommends doing 4-5 sets of some serious back exercise like weighted pullups or chest supported rows and some upper back work too like band pull aparts.

Depending on your body composition the floor press might not be a good representation of bottom end strength since it is a partial range of motion movement.


Well i don't know if this is good but i can do 17 pullups and good ones may i add. so i figured my upper back was pretty strong. I have been reading everything i can about sticking on the bottom and i know lats is a big one. But from what i can see my front delts are lacking in size which i know size doesnt equal strength but still.


and about De benching should i bench flat or incline? I have never done speed work on incline but i would imagine it could help.


I'd do it flat, as it also helps practise technique.
I guess you routine isn't pure Westside, right?


No I mean i do go by some of the things they do but i have done a lot of DE and ME benching but i have changed it up due to the fact i leave for the marine corps in 2 months so i have to turn my focus a little.