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Stuck on Ship with Limited Equipment


Finally decided to create an account because I think you guys might be able to help me out. I am currently in the navy and stuck on a ship with limited equipment. The equipment we do have is a smith machine, barbell, 400lbs of plates, db rack up to 100lb dbs, barbell, curl bar, and 2 flat benches. Our ceiling is low (just over 6ft) so overhead movements are out of the question unless seated. I would really like to be able to do free squats and dips. Our overhead is full of piping and beams so i and was thinking of maybe being able to rig something up in the overhead. I am already thinking of picking up some bands and blast straps. Any ideas you guys might be able to give on how to rig things up or training ideas?


You seem to know what you're doing. Just focus on the basics and you'll be fine. Squats, deads, presses, rows, and pulls. Make sure you do your best with your nutrition.


And don't sink the ship




Without making sure they can't blame you.


^ this lol