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Stuck on Deadlift. Need a Good Routine to Break 400

New here. My routine is garbage no doubt. Can’t seem to break into 400lbs. Get stuck around 365-370lbs. DL 3 sets of 3 at 360lbs then deficit dl for 3 sets of 5 at 250 lbs. with some accessory work here and there. Any routine recommendations? Thanks…

from a deficit
Find your weakness and hammer it with assistance listed.

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How long have you been lifting?
How long have you been stuck?
If you squat… what are those numbers?

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Could you also include your height and weight when you answer @bulldog9899’s questions above?

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Also I’ve been stuck for around 8 months…

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Around 10 years. Squats around 350lb for 5 reps. My body weight weight is 208lbs and I’m 5’11” tall.

For me, to break the 400’s, I had to believe I could do it. Until I believed in myself, I continued to fail. I got stuck at 400 and it took me a LONG time to get the 405.

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Also, are you keep the bar close to your legs? Or is it you can’t get it off the floor? Where are you failing?

Unless you are squatting high, and are a fat 208, you should be able to do deadlift 405. I am not built for the deadlift (build is best for benching), and have almost your same stats (an inch shorter though), and have pulled 600.

I think @theinneroh might be right (given your squats are legit). Might be in your head.

We could help the best with a video.
There are a number of efficiencies that might be easily improved.

The mental thing may be the culprit. I was stuck at 405 for a while, I could do it for 10+ reps no problem, put 415 on it and it wouldn’t budge lol. Took me a minute to figure it out

I second the Simple Deadlift Program above if a program is all you’re looking for. It’s not magic, but it’s never failed to increase my deadlift

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I like using percentages for rule of thumb strength estimations.
Using a 2% per repetition rule, 3 reps with 360 lbs equates to a 383 lb single.
(360lbs/0.94 = 383lbs)
5 reps with 360lbs will equate to 400lbs for 1 rep.

As I understand it a seasoned powerlifter uses 2.5% per repetition, but they have a trained CNS for low reps.

Thanks guys. I’ll start that program and and get over the mental hurdle.

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I can do that.

If I may chime in and ask,

Are you able to break floor? If you are do you get stuck at a certain height? Or can you not even seem to break floor at all?

The floor is my usual sticking point.

For the very most part, only the accomplished dead lifter can pull the first rep in the most efficient form. Most everyone I help with their dead lift pulls the second rep easier than the first rep. That is a form flaw with the initial rep.

A video would be helpful. Ideally, IMO, would be a 3 rep max. The weight must seem heavy to you, so that your form breaks will become obvious.
(If you reset every rep, this won’t apply. In that case you need to perform some touch-and-go reps to find the most efficient bar path. Your decent is usually the most efficient bar path.)

Another variable is your bone structure. Are you long waisted or long legged?

If you can, get around some people who can/do pull in the 5-600’s.

It definitely helps to actually see it in person.

This might be helpful for that initial break off of the floor.