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Stuck Lifting the Same Weight


Hello all,

Ive been working out for a year and a half... And i noticed i cant lift any heavier then i already do.. ive been stuck at the same weight for 4 months in whatever i do. im 26, 190lbs, 5'10, and i dont seem to be gaining no more... am i doing something wrong?

ive switched routines as well to change things up but i end up moving down cpl lbs when i go back to the previous routines and feels like im at the beginning again. any sugesstions would help.

thank you.


Please post routines used over the past six months and give an idea about your diet - avg daily Kcals and split between CHO, PRO and FAT and include typical food sources.


It's quite possible that you need to eat more or get more sleep. People may need some more details to be figure out what is going on though...


Maybe you need more rest. Take some time off and work your brain for a while.

Read some good books, like Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training.
Learn why your time off is just as important as the time you put in the gym.

Get a good anatomy book to help you change your routine. Maybe you'll be surprised to find out how many times a week you're over-training the same muscle.

Re-evaluating your workout once a month, or so is a habit that I think everyone could benefit from.


Give OLAD a shot for 3 weeks, I doubt you'll come away disappointed.All of my lifts went up, and in particular my deadlift shot up 40 lbs.


I second this advice. If you can't bust out of the doldrums with OLAD, you should take up distance running.



Chances are your weak in areas you don't even realize. Take a look at which areas of your body are not progressing and then see the areas that you are. Chances are the progressing areas are taking over for the weak ones. Do more compound lifts and work on good form. Also- actually force yourself to add more weight. Adding small amounts may help. Don't expect to be able to just throw on another 45, try a 5 or a 10.