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Stuck In the Hospital


So after 4 trips to the ER I was admitted to the hospital this past Friday. The docs have no idea what's wrong but I can't eat anything without extreme pain. My weight has gone from 210 to 190 in the last week. I'm totally pissed about that and of course the fact that I can't eat! Uh anyway I just wanted to rant about how all my hard work went down the drain.


That sucks man. Where is the pain? Mouth? Throat? Stomach? Intestinal Tract?

Good luck.


Oh man that sucks! Best wishes for you in feeling better soon.


Good luck. Forget training for now, get yourself healthy. You can get the body back once you've taken care of the issue.



hopefully it's not a case of teh ghey.

seriously though, hope u feel better. get a hot nurse to sponge bath you, that'll help


Take care of yourself, and feel better.

Your hard work did NOT go down the drain, it's just put on hold for a while.

You'll be back!


Get better homie. Go GAMECOCKS!!


What are your symptoms?


I can tell that you aren't very smart.

Hope you get to feeling better man.


haha .. Did you go to Clemson too?


That's an alarming weight loss! Hope they figure it out without too much delay and probing.

Get better soon :slightly_smiling:


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hope you feel better dude.


The pain is right under my upper left ab. It usually happens an hour after I eat. It hurts bad enough that they have been giving me morphine and that only takes most of the pain away not all.


Thank you!


Haha no wonder they haven't figured it out yet! Those idiots haven't checked me for the ghey yet! Haha no hot nurses but I'm lucky enough that my wife has been by my side the entire time so I can't complain


haha thanks man and I'll ignore that gamecock comment


Extreme abdominal pain an hour after eating
Throwing up
Blood in stool - haha gross I know sry
It's not my appendix galbladder nor stomach
Latest theory is spleen is enlarged
I've had 20 blood tests done ( no joke) ct scan ultrasound two xrays egd and colon scan


Thanks debra! Too late ok the not too much probing though!


I hope it's mostly glycogen that would be nice! I haven't had any protein in a week! I'll check out your reply now I'm on an iPod touch so navigating isn't so easy LOL