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Stuck in Hang Snatch/Clean


I am 15 at 180 lbs. I have been doing Hang Snatch/Clean for about 4-5 months, and have been going up steadily. However, this has changed. My snatch has stayed at 115 lbs. and my clean at 175 lbs for 3 reps. Can anyone give me any tips on how to increase these two exercises?


How tall are you?
Years training?
body composition? 10 percent BF? 25?
How's your form? post a video if you want honest feedback.
Putting your honest training log on here wouldn't hurt. Just saying you go in and do a few lifts won't help... write down what your workouts consist of, and then basically we get down to correcting the imbalances and weaknesses that a 15 year old lifter inherently has.


someguy is right, we really need more info. Off the cuff though i'd say doing some high pulls could help fi you're not already doing them. Similar motor patern to the clean but should enable you to get used to a little more weight.


I am 5'7.
I have been training for 3 years.
BFP is at 13-14%.
I will get the video this Friday.
My week consists of Monday-Back/Bicep (optional) Wednesday-Chest/Triceps Thursday-Legs Friday-Shoulders
(I warm-up until I get a 5 rep-max and do that weight for 2 sets.)
Monday- Deadlift/DB Row/Pull-Over/Farmer Walks/Preacher Curls
Wednesday-Bench Press/Power Clean*/Weighted Dips/ *Sometimes change it to Incline Press.
Thursday- Squat/Dead-stop Front Squat/Leg Press/Glute-Ham Raise/Calf Raise
Friday-Hang Snatch/Seated DB Press (or standing BB press)/Front/Side Raises

My DL is at 405 lbs. My Squat is at about the same max(haven't tried in a while, but I've pulled off 355x5). Bench Press is at 245x5.
I eat around 3000-3500 calories daily.