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Stuck In Body Weight

Nah, I’d just sit there and get to work on my whole roast chicken.

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I am so fucking sick of my colleagues commenting on my lunches. Motherfuckers


Yep. I just got spotted heating up a bowl of chicken and rice in the break room at 11 am. “Early lunch???”

Yup … First lunch.

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Just google “triple h food for three days”

Good picture on what it takes.

My coworkers just get jealous of how much I can eat and not get fat. And I have a naturally fast metabolism on top of the lifting. I love food so It makes me happy :slight_smile:

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The guys have already covered the nutrition end, so I just wanted to highlight some things here.

Lifting 6 days a week and doing HIIT 3 days is what someone might do when they want to lose fat. I’m really not surprised you’re having trouble getting enough calories, because you’re burning a ton of calories through the frequency and intensity of training. Switching to a better planned 4-day upper/lower split like this or this might be worth considering.

Also, stop jumping rope between sets. That is cardio. You don’t need to do anything to “stay warm” other than watching the clock and not sitting still for more than 2 minutes between sets.

I’m very interested to know what your version of “active rest” is. Five bucks says it’s some kind of calorie-burning cardio.

Hey thanks a lot, after i finished the program i was doing, i switched to a 4 day a week kind of program really nice, also removed the rope between sets and not doing as much HIIT as before, Active rest i used to swim or walk but not getting tired now im just trying to sleep more and maybe walk. made many changes based on what the guys said, and it feels great!

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Hey man i’ve been doing the 5/3/1, but i have a question, on friday it says: Press
is it bench press? over head press? or any pressing movement?

It is an overhead press

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Overhead/Military press