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Stuck In Body Weight

Hello everyone to make things short i have a few questions.
First a little bit about me, i have always been big, just not fat nor skinny, but since March this year i decided
to make a change and workout, then i got into learning classics and lifting heavy so its been a few months i’m stronger than before but I’m stuck in my body weight cause i always am between 84 kg or 86 kg, i eat healthy to support my training don’t do long cardio, just a few rounds of HIIT cardio three times a week, i got 6 days a day to the gym, also i jump rope in between sets to stay warm, my usual meals are:
Breakfast: @ 5 am 2 or 3 whole boiled eggs, one piece of bread, milk or coffee.
2 hours later a snack of 3 integral crackers with some oats.
Training session for 90 to 120 mins with 1 lt of water and i also drink 1lt while out
after training i eat a sandwich of two pieces of integral bread, two or three slices of chicken ham and two slices of low fat cheese, with oats.
then two hours later lunch: white rice, broccoli, lentils, beans and such, with meat, or chicken, salmon or tuna. simple salad like carrots, tomatoes, onions and lemon, then natural juice with just water no sugar.
two o three hours later i have the same snack in the morning, and before bed i drink water, milk or have some Greek yogurt.
I sleep from 7 to 8 hours.

and that’s it.
idk if its important but i like to have 2 pieces of trident gum one in the morning and classes in college and the other while i train.
I try to train hard, compound movements and some isolation, nothing really fancy. i do a 3 day split x2
i mean Monday chest/back, Tuesday arms and abs, Wednesday legs, Thorsday, Friday and Saturday is the same split. Sunday for active rest, I don’t feel tired all the time some i think i don’t “over train” i recover within one day, I don’t take any supps or medicine, and eat one or two fruits a day mainly in the morning.
Thank your for your attention, have a nice day.

It’s the gum.

You will not over train.

At that weight, you better be 5’2" and under.

Why so long in the gym?

What are they? I don’t see any questions…

Having a hard time gaining weight? Then you are not eating enough. What type of lifts are you doing in the gym? If they are not challenging compound lifts like squats and presses it will be that much harder to gain. How tall are you?

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this is not very much food for someone trying to gain weight

this is not very much food for someone trying to gain weight[quote=“mike.w, post:1, topic:220500”]
white rice, broccoli, lentils, beans and such, with meat, or chicken, salmon or tuna. simple salad like carrots, tomatoes, onions and lemon, then natural juice with just water no sugar.

this is your first actual meal, assuming your portion size is large enough, which it probably isn’t.[quote=“mike.w, post:1, topic:220500”]
wo o three hours later i have the same snack in the morning, and before bed i drink water, milk or have some Greek yogurt.

this is not very much food for someone trying to gain weight.

Your problem is that you are not eating very much food for someone trying to gain weight.

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For training do one of these…

As others have said up your food a bit and really load up on intra workout nutrition/supps -perfect world get some Plazma but amino drink/bcaas and karbolyn great if on a budget

One day a week try and get 10 hours sleep

I actually thought the gum could be a problem.
I’m 6’2", but not really fat, i can see my feet lol.
what do you mean by why so long? what would you recommend ?

I’m 6’2" , 210 and considered small. You need to get on a proven program that is not a marathon, eat, after you finish eating, eat some more and not worry about bulking, loosing fat or any of that shit.

You are small and need muscle.

And, as mentioned above, your “diet” sucks.

Green face diet or just bloody eat.

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Questions are like, should i eat more?, ditch the gum?, more water? and such.

I am 6’2", 23 years old

I’ll try to eat more thing is i don’t know how much more lol
i do almost all compounds i think.

Chest/back day is:
incline bp, flat bp, super set cable cross or db pullover with flyes, 50 or to failure chin ups (no kicking lol), barbell rows/db rows.

military press or over head press or clean and press, front delt raise or arnold press, lateral raise, bent over rear delt raise, upright row, barbell curl, concentration curls, incline curls, seated curls, close grip bp, skull crusher, pushdown, one arm triceps ext, palms up/down curls.

Squats (free bar and as heavy as i can), Romanian or stiff or regular deadlift, used to do good mormings, barbell lunges, super set leg ext/lying leg curl, standing/seated calf raises.

and abs i try to do one exercise every day if i am not really tired. I jump rope in between sets on leg days and for warm up then after lifting i do some H.I.I.T rounds on the other days.

Thank you i’ll try to get with a nutritionist and figure the right amount of food i need!

Thanks! i’ll try about the food, but since i am not in the states i can’t get the supps you mention and i don’t trust very much the supp retailers where i am.

Yes, eat more. The gum is probably not making a difference. That seems like a silly thing to get hung up on haha…

Eat until the number on the scale starts going up consistently. 86 kg isn’t that small even for 6’2". Its a start. Try to set attainable goals and smash them.
Make it your mission to get that number up to 90-91kg over the next month or two and then reevaluate from there.

Just glancing over your training program, you don’t need to devote as much attention to your arms as you do your legs and upper body. Your arms are one of the smallest muscle groups you have on your body and IMO take plenty of beating from pushing and pulling. I would say you will have a much better time gaining if you break up those upper body days into a push/pull type set up.

Overhead press

Lots of rows
Bicep curls (at the end, just a few sets will do)

Just an example. If you are serious about getting big I would squat 2x per week. Most beginner strength and size programs will have you do this. The squat is the king mass builder not just for your legs but your entire torso. These are just examples and you will have better training success following an established program.

Thank you, I’ll give it a try! and those days i mention before are twice a week, from monday to saturday.
i’ll get more food!

Rule of thumb is 15x your body weight. You also need to get on the higher scale of things for protein, so start with 1.5g per lbs.

For you, minimum 2500 calories a day. 250 g of protein a day. Keep your carbs at around 200 g. That leaves just under 80 g of fat.

So that for two weeks and make small adjustments (100 calories a day max) if needed.

See, simple.

Like I said at least try get an amino drink/.bcaas -can get those pretty much anywhere

I bet that’s the more ideal way of doing it.

Honestly, I have a bowl of cereal and some whey/casein blend in milk about 30 minutes before going to the gym. It keeps me energized throughout I guess what could be called a legs/back workout that sometimes even goes over an hour. Then I down a whey/casein blend in more milk. Add some fruit to either before or after or both for more calories.

Does it work?

Is it ideal?
Probably not, but irrelevant to me since I can’t afford specialized pre-wo stuff.

For sure, just having a good amount of nutrients in the system while training (without getting indigestion) is the main thing

Just mentioned the supps as its something new to try and get the feeling he has hangups about really pounding down the cals

Like everyone else said, eat more. It’s surprising how much food is necessary to grow.

True I’m just learning that and its kind of amazing!

The times when breakfast before training is six slices of French toast with bacon, maple syrup and icing sugar…

Or the times you eat lunch at work alone so you don’t get judged for eating two whole steak burritos

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