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Stuck in a Difficult Situation, Want to Cut


184cm, 185lbs, 35%ish body fat, 38 inch waist. Clearly in horrible horrible shape and I unfortunately say that I have been training for around 2 years with plauteus on bench every other week.

Lifting stats: Squat 205x6, Bench 135x10, Deadlift 245x5, OHP 95x6

I am really unsure where to go. I really want to cut right now, but I am not sure where to begin or what program to use. I am also super weak but in my position is it possible to gain strength/muscle while cutting? Since I am in deep skinny fat zone?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

try this…

Thanks for the link!

I have read through it but I am not sure what I should do about my caloric intake.

Would you say Maintenance - 1000 / day?

Tough program so for me Ideally I would keep cals at maintenance or very small deficit like 150cals and maek very clean food choice especiallly with carbs/get in loads of veg and greens etc -the metabolic work and overall volume will lean you out fast

Def do not do 1000 cals, you will half ass the workouts, feel like crap and can even invites small injuries. If reeealy want could go down to 4-500

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Great, thanks for the info.

The program seems nice except it doesnt mention anything about progression of weights. Any idea how I can incorporate that?

Personally for the strength part I would keep the weight the same for the whole 4 weeks cycle and then add 10lbs for squat/deads and 5 for upper moves next month . if feeling easy/want extra work
then rep out the final set of 5x5

for metabolic work just go by feel on the day and whatever gets you sweating the most

Do you track your food intake? Do you use portion-control? The lifting program is only going to get you so far. Lifestyle choices will dictate how long the effects of your “cut” last.