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Stuck!! Dont Know What to Do Anymore


Im new to T-Nation here just thought i would give this a try for some helpful advice. I have been lifting hard for the past 10 years. I am now 28 i have tried a lot of training methods. The conjugate method was taught to me when i first started, it worked great for the first 2-3 years but then i just couldnt gain anything anymore. So i just kept on going with that here and there throughout the years, then i heard about 5/3/1. So i did that for about year off and on between conjugate training also. Really didnt get to where i wanted to be so i quit that. Then my wife ordered p90x and i did that for the 90 days i lost weight but really didnt gain any muscle which i want, so i quit that. Now i am combing 5/3/1 with some p90x stuff, its really confusing but i made it work for me, i was sore from it but eventually got use to that too. I am aware of the muscle confusion, having a recovery week, doing heavy weight with low reps, i tried everything and i cant gain any muscle! I have went through the protein and creatine phase and i honestly know any of those things did not do a thing for me!

What the hell do i gotta do to gain muscle here? Any advice or sarcasm would be great thanks!


You need go post your stats height weight what you are eating what your workouts look like exactly


Why? He provided plenty of information.



What does your diet look like?



What does your diet look like?



You haven't tried everything.

First off, stop hopping around. If you haven't gained muscle from 531, you are not putting in the effort or not eating enough.


Also, follow your goal and do what will get you there.


I'd like to hear that info too, as well as what his numbers on the big lifts are.

I feel like his intensity sucks balls, and he under eats, but no way to be sure without him responding.

Plus I can tell someone that all day, but unless they figure it out themselves, the idea won't stick. Inception baby.


then you either were not following the basics of the conjugate method or you stopped pushing yourself hard enough.

if you tried it on and off with another program that you already stated does not work for you anymore then did not really try 5/3/1 so you cannot draw a proper conclusion on it.

if thats all you tried then you are not even close to trying everything. i was an athletic trainer for 9 years and i still learn about new workout methodologies and im not even in the industry anymore. i found mostly with my clients that the program was of little importance next to the proper intensity, enough sleep, and plenty of food.

you dont need to supplement protein. you can find research on pubmed.org that shows that a 175lbs male can gain muscle with as little as 75gr of protein a day. which is far less then most would have you believe.

i have heard people say that creatine did not work for them. but with a 100 years of research behind and usage since it was discovered way back in 1847 there is just too much evidence stating it does work. every client i put it on, including ones that claimed it didnt work, all got better results using it. so it was more likely that your volume/intensity was not quite right for creatine and the amount you were taking was not correct.

but the good thing is, by eating better and working out harder with plenty of sleep you gain more than any supplement. well besides vitamin S of course, lol.

do you want to gain mass, or strength?

for mass, in my opinion submaximal volume lifting to failure based workouts top the list.

for strength, well again in my opinion you claim 2 of the best programs for that do not work for you so i dont think there is anything i can do for you there.


The stat thing must not have worked when i submitted it. I am 5'11'' 220-228lbs (days vary) and the fat i have is around my abdominal area. My workouts are intense, the one thing i would wish for is a lifting partner to help push me further, but the people that do go to the gym or not very dependable. I didnt jump around on workouts either i would do them for months at a time and i would switch it up after lets say 3-4 months. The reason i did this cuz i wasnt getting the soreness i was getting when i first started, so i would switch it up to confuse the body. The first 2-3 years of conjugate method were the best cuz we were hardcore and lifted together to push each other, after a while ppl just kinda quit. My diet isnt the greatest or the worst, the worst thing i have in the house for bad snack is peanut butter but then thats kind of my protein also. Only drink alchol on the weakends if even that. The type of look i am looking for is that thick muscular with strenght, but not look like a fat slob!


what's your best full back squat and/or front squat, bench press and deadlift?

I can't imagine anyone training for 10 years and not gaining any muscle or strength... you just can't be doing everything wrong... or maybe it's just a troll post. if not...

squat 3 x times per week 5 sets of 5 reps. first training day start with 150lbs. next training day 155, next 160 etc etc.

eat 300 grams of protein from good meats and fish and some eggs, all kinds of veggies, some whole wheat stuff or oatmeal, some fruits, some olive oil, omega 3s and few almonds or something. try to get 3500 calories at least.

if you don't gain strength and muscle by doing that then I'd go to the doctor... or something.


soreness is not an accurate indicator of a good workout. i hardly ever get sore but my lifts still keep going up.an this held true with my clients back when i used to train full time.

i think it was the swedes that theorized that it was heat shock proteins that caused that sore feeling. and one produces less the more fit you are and you are less sensitive to their effects as well.

keep in mind that the firs thing the body does is nervous system adaptation, or what i call increasing neuromuscular efficiency levels. in english that is firing muscle fibers more efficiently. then the body will grow muscle. muscle is much harder to grow and maintain. i have hypothesised that HSP have their greatest effect during the bodies increasing neuromuscular efficiency levels the fastest. now i do not think they are directly related. only that they occur at similar times at their peak but do not effect each other. once you get past the peak of both of those you begin to build more muscle mass without an increase in nervous system functioning. so i have hypothesised that when you are not sore and your workouts are intense enough you are gaining muscle.

i am most likely wrong. but if i am not that could explain why quite a few people, like yourself, cant seem to gain much muscle.


Best full squat going downtown was i think 450x8 times when i was doing 5/3/1, bench was 320x5 and deadlift the most i ever pulled was 565. Front squats i just do for a supplement exercise but when i wanna do heavy iron with low reps usually 230-250x6-8 reps. I lift 4 days a week give my upper body 24 hours recovery and legs the 72 hours of recovery between workouts. I am not gonna lie here i used the "good" supplements and they had an immense effect on me, and when i went off i was right back where i left off naturally. Last time i used was summer of 08'. I really dont want to go that route again cuz i dont wanna get caught and now have bigger priorties in my life and dont wanna risk losing it all. Went to the doc after my last cycle had my blood work done just to see if my test. level was in normal range and everything was good. The things i do eat are bannaners,oranges,veg medley, take mens one a day, and take omega 3 fish oil. I also love eatin the hell out of those blue diamond almonds habenero bbq. Just wanna thank all you ppl for your time and listening to me cry and bitch about something so dumb, ill have to do some more researching here i guess to figure something out, thanks again.


I can't possibly believe that you are squatting 450 for 8 reps and have not gained muscle. If not then you should compete at a very low bodyweight class in powerlifting and break all the records...

If you mean that you've stopped gaining muscle(but you have gained a lot in the past) then you need a more advanced program. I would ask those who are already at a higher level. Professor X and Christian Thib are some of the guys here who have achieved a lot in bodybuilding and should know how to guide you.(i don't know anymore since I just oly lift)


I'd like to retract my previous answer and say that you pretty well know what you would have to do to make gains much beyond these lifts in a reasonable amount of time.

I mean, come on... 450x8 on a full range squat? Nasty.

An advanced program would do you some good, and focusing on your goals (aesthetic, strength, or performance) would, too. At your level, you're not going to be able to make huge gains at all three, or even two. Pick one and give it your all. I, Bodybuilder or DC come to mind as good choices if you're training for maximum size gains.


OP is most likely trollin.


if you stick to the same movements try switchin your lifts around, and add some new ones while taking out old one. always be going up in weight and never settle for less. oh and eat a shit load of healthy food that contains some protein and sleep....and sleep some more....then eat....then repeat.
good luck


Because he says he knows what he is doing and has been lifting for ten years.

Then says he doesn't gain muscle and doesn't describe the physique I would expect from a veteran lifter.

Honestly I couldn't even picture what he looks like based on his description.


i think that was sarcasm, hallowed.