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Stuck at 200 Pounds


Here is the deal:

I for the past 4 months I am stuck at 200 lbs I believe that going to 180-185 is doable and I would look and feel great!

I eat no junk food or sweets (well they are the same); my sleep has been shit forever (therefore cortisol is elevated during the evening, I wake up at least 2X and sky high when I wake up 5 am most days)

I sleep about 7h to 8h a day.

My appetite varies but my portions are quite big. And I donâ??t eat on a schedule.

For the past 2 weeks I have been eating Paleo with no difference being felt (it was quite easy transition for me).

Monday to Saturday, 2 or 3 times a day, I have an extra large black tea with (too much) honey and cinnamon. It tastes like heaven!

I drink 2 to 4l of water everyday.

To sum it up:

I look good dressed but canâ??t drop my bf under 10% where it should be.

My cortisol is fucked due to my work, sleep, caffeine and personality.

My insulin seems to be fucked as well.

I am 40 yo, look 5 to 10 years younger (depends on lighting and level of intoxication of people around me)

Physically active since I was 12 (yes, I started late)

No great issues working out other than being too tired sometimes.

Work out

I am following Wendler 5/3/1 and love it.

I will add the afternoon/evening workouts in 2 weeks when hopefully my body will have adapted to the diet.

I donâ??t intend to do Max efforts on my work outs #2 to save nervous system and avoid cortisol to raise.

Mondays - Deadlifts followed by Back squat or GHR
Abs + low back
Tuesdays - Barbell press + dumbbell press
Pull ups
Wednesday â?? Off or Recovery (Foam roller, stretch, pilates, walk whateverâ?¦)
Thursday - Front Squat followed by leg presses or narrow stance back squat
Friday - Shoulder press followed by dumbbell shoulder press
Pull ups (I suck at them I guess that I need more frequency)
Saturday - biâ??s and triâ??s (mostly chins + dips)


90% of my diet is organic food or another granola term that means superior quality and good for you

No caffeine, or sugars

Unlimited green leafy veggies

Mostly Paleo (except cheat meal and Greens supplement)


2000 cal,
Prot 200g/800cal
Fat 111g/1000 cal
Carb 50g/200cal

Alcohol only 1X a week (preference for white whine or gin)


Living Fuel (as meal replacement 1 or 2X a day)
Fish oil
B vitamin
Vitamin D 10.000 IU 2X a week

Every 2 weeks I will re-evaluate my progress and adjust plan.

Not into doing cardio in the beginning as the lack of caffeine, a job where I have to be ON all the time (personal trainer plus 5 group exercise classes), plus the low calories seem to be too draining in the beginning.

I donâ??t intend to have any cheat meals or alcohol for the first 14 days.

1) Am I missing something?

2) Any supplements that would be helpful during the transition?

I thank you in advance.


No caffeine doesn't mean no cardio - you'll just have to man-up I'm afraid.

Cortsol - look up the yin-yack stack by Poliquin, don't have to buy his supplements can just make your own.

Maybe lower the calories further on off days?


Here is the deal:

You have turned down your internal thermostat by under feeding yourself for too long. I also, weight 200 pounds and it usually takes me 3,500 calories to maintain my body weight. Last time I wanted to lose weight I dropped my calories to 2,000/day and lost 5 pounds per week for 3 weeks. On the fourth week I lost almost no weight. On weeks 5-7 I added in 500 calories per day per week. It looked like this

Weeks 1-4: 2000 calories/day
Week 5: 2500/day
Week 6: 3000/day
week 7: 3250/day
beyond week 7: 3250-3500 per day

What you need to do is add in extra calories each day until you get your metabolism up and running on all 8 cylinders. From their you can toy around with carb-cycling or IF or anabolic diet.


I guess I didn't express myself correctly.

This whole protocol is starting today.

I just cut the caffeine/alcohol/carbs and calories.

In 2 weeks I will add a second weight training session and if necessary I will add the cardio.

I want to give time to adapt to this new regime, them if needed I will add/change/tweak as needed every 2 weeks.


even cardio i doubt is nessecary. Eat the exact same amount of ptoeins, carbs, fats every day and if your not progressing, remove 100 cals, simple as that. if you dont want to remove food then add in the cardio 3x or so a week and gradually do more over time as u hit plateaus or do the same and taper the food down.

If your worried about cortisol then why are you on keto? If your not on keto i apologize i must of read it wrong.

its really as simple as bulking - if your not gaining anything eat more/ if your not losing any more fat then eat less or move more or both


Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Get your hormones tested.


I had it various times and different testes.

Test was all right, morning cortisol was the only thing really off.


What was the Free T number, if you dont mind sharing. If you do mind, that's fine.


I agree with what Black said, its pretty much as simple as that in my opinion... And even though this is a nutrition thread what you mentioned about doing isn't 5/3/1.


was just about to say this. Honestly dude fuck the bi's and tri's day what a waste of time.

on wednesday and sunday please attempt the following:
Drive around your city/town and find a hill. park your car. walk to the bottom of hill. sprint to the top. walk back down to the bottom. Repeat.

im serious. hill sprints will fuck you up in a good way.


Yes it is

Big But Boring program.

The afternoon work out is dependent on results and bi weekly re-evaluation


Big But boring is not what you listed don't fuck with the goddamn program by adding in extra workouts.


From the man himself.

Plainpat i think it is safe to say we are on the same page here. this feels like an uphill battle


Your macho bravado doesn't help anyone.

Please READ the part about bi weekly re-evaluation before jumping into your conclusions.

Actually read all my previous posts before getting so unreasonable


Oh yea, cuz wendler is so cut up.

I'm going to guess that both PlainPat and LibertyPatriot are teenagers who JUST started training seriously and think that it must be blaspheme to alter a program to fit your particular needs/goals.

I could write an entire rant about how flawed your thinking is; however, I will trust that the two of you are hard working in the gym, self-motivated and will eventually get it. Hopefully you'll be able to look back and laugh at it one day.

I'm also curious if either of you has ever been at or below 10% body fat, and if not why the hell you feel the need to try to give advice here?


warlock, Have you considered adding some conditioning work after your strength work, focusing on complexes, sleds, prowler, etc.??


i think altering programs is ok as long as the changes are positive and not retarded or idiotic

just dont overthink things, take one day at a time and if progress slows down at all change something


That is what I have been doing for the past 6 weeks.

I normally make it a separate session in order to avoid the cortisol to raise too much.

I believe that the low-calories-low-carb-no-caffeine is enough of a mental beat and physiological stress at the same time.

I may add some conditioning work in the future but that only if progress stales (after adding 2nd work out session and low intensity cardio).

My rationale is:
week 1 and 2: change diet and do a 5/3/1
at the end of week 2 re evaluate if everything is all right and I am losing bf just keep doing it
if not add 2nd Work out for the day

week 4 re-evaluate: if progress is being made keep doing what I am doing otherwise add cardio in empty stomach

week 6 re-evaluate: if progress is not happening turn one or two of the afternoon sessions into a form of conditioning/HITT session with proper diet modification

I hope that by week 6 I will have dropped at least 10lbs hopefully more


So far so good.

The only problem that I have en-faced is: early morning - caffeine = harder life.

But overall I can't complain.

Thanks for your help


I'm at 8% just go tested today, and I don't appreciate the teenager comment because I am one. I'm a varsity wrestler and captain of my team.

I just don't like calling it 5/3/1 if its not. If your taking principles from 5/3/1 and implementing them elsewhere but its not entirely what the program is, you are not doing the program. Call it warlock 1/3/5 reverse or something, its just not 5/3/1.

To every man his own, good luck OP. Oh and I don't know if this is an option, but with the caffeine thing you could try green tea. Not nearly as much caffeine, but if your set on completely eliminating it, then disregard my suggestion.