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Stuck at 150, Getting to 165


currently i am stuck at 150 lbs, which i got to fast, in november of 2007 i weighed 134 lbs. I was wondering if i have platued? I eat every 2.5-3 hrs whether hungry or not....i am aware that the basic answer will be "EAT EAT EAT", i was just looking for some other advice as well


up the calories by 250. re measure in 2 weeks.


I think redeye is right, maybe you could change your p,f,c ratio a bit and that could help also


ok, my current ratios are high protein med fat and lower carb


Have more carbs for me at least I can eat tons of carbs and eat every 2 hours after a month of that it your like me you will be starving within a hour and a half of eating esecially high carb meals. also have only lot of carbs plus protein in morning for some reason it makes me a lot hungrier all day.


It may be as simple as just getting a lot stronger.

I feel like strength gains and size gains aren't totally linear. They come in jumps.
You need to force your body into one of those jumps of size/strength gain.

Let's say you started out deadlifting 185 for 6 reps. You got used to the motion and now you've got 255 under control for 6 reps.

That's great. Now continue eating more than 3 meals a day. No secrets here. Just make sure you're eating good food. When you raise your dealift to 365 for 6 reps you'll have noticed at least one jump in size/strength.

If you focus on getting stronger, the size will come.


I would have to say that low carb may not be the best way to gain size/strength. Im sure it can be done but maybe up the complex carbs and see how that works


I saw this suggested elsewhere...add a scoop of peanut butter to every meal to add to your total calories.


i eat peanut butter daily, usually have a natural pb english muffin sandwich for a snack, and i eat almonds daily as well

my supplementation consists of creatine, Surge, Metabolic Drive, multivitamin and fish oil


Count calories everyday, add calories to any light meal. There is nothing immoral about carbs.


Eat more?


yeah already knew the eat more
with a pretty stable work schedule
i eat what i can when i can


I used to think that I could never break 180 lbs. "Eat more" was the advice that did it for me. Looking back I think it is funny how I used to worry about macronutrients and getting all my recommended vitamins in when the answer was as simple as "eat more food".


Try this one on DRINK more calories try adding a gallon of milk a day to your diet.


Adding a large glass of milk to every meal (except PWO)helped me, try that out.


I agree with all the recomendations I added a few cups of oj to a few carb meals a day and that helped me and also would add peanut butter to fat meals. Also my original post was worded badly I meant to say eating more carbs especially in the morning makes you hungrier and once you get used to eating every 2 hours you become hungry every 2 hours.

And don't feel like you have to do every recommendation at once or else you will gain a ton of weight and fat than stall again and have no where to go .


what's your lifting program?

and what are you eating?

both very important, IMO.


4 day split
mon/thursday back/biceps/triceps
tues/friday chest/shoulders/legs


I would just eat, workout hard and you should get to where you want to be. I wouldnt worry about it alot. If you get there you do, if not it isnt the end of the world. All you can do is try your best and go from there


thanks, always appreciate help/criticism