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stubborn last fat!!

I am a female having problems losing that last bodyfat- butt and love handles. My measurements are 5’4.5" 121lbs, 10% measured BF, 34.5A-26-35.5, thighs 20,calves 14, arms 9, small-medium frame. Workout is 3-4 days/wk weight training which is similar to Body Composition training, 10-20 min of cardio on training days. I am having trouble with the amount of total calories to eat and ratios(everyone has an opinion). I may change to a push/pulls type routine and try to add a few pounds of muscle and I am using Methoxy-7- I need to know how much a female at my weight should take. Also, does anyone have any information on whether these cutting gels/spot reducers work and if so what is a really good brand? Next question is where to find really good information for those looking into fitness competitions. Lots of questions, need the serious answers!!

Uh, there’s something not right about your measurements in accordance with your height, weight and listed BF percentage. How did you come about with this BF percentage? I’m thinking that it’s higher than what you have listed here - and that maybe where the problem is. As for training and nutrition info - what you said here is still rather hazy. Use T-Mag’s search engine and look for a effective workout - there’s alot of differenct workouts within T-Mag that maybe can help. As for fitness competitions - have you checked one out? That’s where you should start. As well as check out the NPC’s website for information of contests in your area…

Complete measurements are: 34.5A-26-35.75, shoulders are 37.5, arms 9, thighs 20, calf 14. Weight was 122, 110 lbm, 12 fm, BF 10%. The bodyfat was measured by a trainer at the gym using a 3 fold caliper test. The body-fat by the calipers says a ±3% error and he measured three times for comparison. As for appearance there is fair definition in the abs(most mags I read say that a flat stomach would be 10-12% and a defined stomach would be less than 10%, corresponding with the measurements. I am looking at several workout programs such as the meltdown training and ordering the body composition workout from Charles Poliquin. I need more female specific advice on diets etc, how to more accurately calculate calorie needs.