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Stubborn Chest


Alright So Since December 18th of 2010.. i started taking lifting seriously as opposed to this past year. I have seen pretty nice gains everywhere EXCEPT my chest. I work each body part 2X a week... and have once again seen gains everywhere except the chest.

My Split is the following: SUN: Chest/tris MON: Legs/Shoulds. TUES: Back/Bis WED: Chest/Tris THUR: Legs/Should. FRI: Back/Bis

My workout for chest is:

Flat Bench (barbell)
4 sets 8-10 reps
Incline Dumbell Press
4 sets 8-10 reps
decline bench press
4 sets 8-10 reps
Cable Crossover
3 sets 8-10 reps

I thought it was the fact that i was doing each body part twice a week that was the reason i was not making gains... but i have seen every other body part get bigger.. with the least significant gains in my chest. Sugestions.....???? im lost!


Push harder.


My chest only started growing after I included flys and / or peck-decks after benching. I did only regular bench presses. Now I don't need to do shoulder-unfriendly flys anymore. My pecs woke up and they now grow on dips and benches.


good advice D-bag. why bother posting?

to the op, you are doing too much volume (IMHO) to be hitting chest twice a week. you probably arent eating enough and recovering from it. choose 2 exercises for chest per session and hit em hard.
think of it like this:
body part split might have you hitting 3-4 exercises for chest once a week, you are doing that twice a week for a total of 8-10 exercises and about 30 sets. most people grow well from about 12-16 sets maybe 20 tops, at least from what ive experienced.

the idea of frequency, atleast from what i gather, is you are splitting up the work (depending on your recovery abilities you might be able to do a bit more work per week)so that you are fresher on each exercise. the last exercise or two of a session might suffer because of fatigue from the first two, frequency takes away that problem. plus you are getting stimulation from two sessions instead of one.

moral of the story, cut your volume. probably eat more.


my advice is take a rest day between each 3 day cycle to give your muscles time to recover. With regard to chest i had the same problem and i fould that my chest takers a lot of volume training to properly fatigue it. try adding flyes at the end and maybe increasing the weight on bench and going for 6 reps maybe that will work. i'm a beginner too though so maybe i don't know shit


I presume you a pretty skinny and weak.

All you need is an exercise for your upper chest and an exercise for your middle/lower chest

2 exercises



Youve been training for a month. Shut up and go lift


@ Bonez217 ive been training for years.. just on and off... and this is the first time I have actually been able to put lifting as my number 1 priority now that i don't have to worry about school, etc. still... while other body party are growing.. my chest is seeing minimal results!

As for what i eat... a typical day is as follows

2 eggs---- cup oatmeal w/ 1/2 protein scoop ON gold standard

---One scoop PRO COMPLEX ON

Hour after that protein shake...
Cup Quinoa w/ 8-12 oz grilled chicken & veggies

snack before dinner:
PB & J on Wheat bread

Chicken with veggies

Protein shake around 8-9

Bed by 12---1am


Is the "cup of oatmeal" cooked or raw? Same with the Quinoa.
I would assume the chicken is chicken breast.

You aren't eating enough. If it were me - I would change it up to about this:

Breakfast - 4 eggs, 1 cup raw oatmeal (cook it after measuring) 4g fish oil

30 mins before gym - sweet potato and protein shake

Sip while training - protein shake

PWO meal - 1 cup raw quinoa (cooked after measuring), 12 oz grilled chicken breast, 8-10 oz mixed vegetables

Snack - 1 oz almonds, protein shake, 1 tbsp olive oil (and maybe a PB&J if I feel like it)

Dinner - 12 - 16 oz red meat of choice, salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing, sweet potato or a cup of rice (measured before cooking)

Pre-bed shake - 50g protein, 2tbsp peanut or almond butter and 4g of fish oil

And even this is totally sub-optimal.




More food + less chest exercise variations.