Stubborn Belly Fat

I’ve been working out, faithfully, (weight lifting/cardio) for almost a year now and I can’t seem to lose the last bit of belly fat. Any suggestions on what to do?

Hi there, harleygirl.

We all have a last fat stand - The first place you gain fat, and the last place to go. Mine is on my inner thigh. I’m going to get really lean everywhere else before I loose the soft spot there, and for me it’s not worth trying to maintain that level of leanness.

I don’t believe in spot reduction. You’ll have to get leaner if you want to loose your belly fat. Don’t get caught up in doing a bunch of ab exercises, trying for spot reduction. It doesn’t work, and may actually widen your waist since you may then have thicker muscle under the belly fat.

One caveat. I believe there is some research that people with diabetes, blood sugar issues, may tend to gain more fat in their midsection. I don’t have that research in front of me, but you could try limiting carbs to see if lowering blood sugar might help. You could search that topic, or ask in the Nutrition Forum.

Best of luck.