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Stuart McGill Books


Maybe Dr. Ryan can help me here:

I want to purchase one of Stuart McGill's books, either "Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance" or "Low Back Disorders".

Anybody have input on a preference?


I'm not Dr. Ryan (which is obvious from the modicum of intelligence with which my replies are written), but I spent the day with Dr. M on Sunday and gained quite a bit of insight from him.

"Disorders" is written for Docs, which Dr. M. readily states. "Performance" is for "the rest of us" (my quote, not his). It is in its (new) second edition, which I just purchased a couple of days ago. Great read, great applicability.

After Magnificent Mobility, this book gets one of my highest recommendations (although I've just started reading Precision Nutrition, and it's pretty badass too).

As a final thought, if you can ever see Dr. M. speak, I encourage you to do so. He's the worlds' expert in the field, a great presenter, and a very nice guy.


Thanks Dave, I appreciate the heads up.

Just got Magnificent Mobility last week, so I understand how "unmagnificent" MY mobility really is. And PN is awesome; it cuts through the crap and gets to what's important.

I still can't eat pop tarts without getting fatter though...


i already order low back disorders off amazon


I would recommend the Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance book. I know Tate's EliteFTS site carries the second edition.

As far as Barr's post containing a 'modicum of intelligence' as he states, I would have to take issue with that. Personally, I would recommend that if you had the opportunity to HEAR Stuart McGill speak, that would be better than SEEING him speak as Dave suggested. Conversely, it would be much better to SEE Dave speak than to HEAR him.

One of these days Barr will realize that if you can't run with the big dogs, it would be best to stay under the porch. I would call and tell him this personally, but unfortunately I don't have enough string to run to his tin can.


Haha, great way to get your point across, Doc.


Paul Chek claims that his swiss ball tape on core conditioning helps w/back rehab.

Can anyone vouch for this?


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I have His "Swiss Ball for Abs Buns and Back." It's a very good set of swiss ball excersices. They'll build some endurance, which McGill recommends. It helped my back.

Doing them will make your buns cuter too.


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