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Struggling with Routines

Hey Im new to this site and looking for some guidance in a few areas of training. First and foremost being my training routine.

Some background: I’m 22. 5’11 about 175 lbs. I’ve been training for about 5 years and for the past 3 I have been primarily focusing on powerlifting. My interests are shifting to bodybuilding however due to the strain on my body from lifting heavy all the time. I have achieved what I believe to be good p.r.'s for my size including a 550 deadlift and 315 bench.

One thing I have discovered is that I make much better gains when I follow a structured routine. I dont know if this applies to everyone but I have heard people say walk into the weight room and they train whatever they feel needs work and this approach just doesn’t work for me. I have used various routines such as 5-3-1 and West side Barbell with success.

My question is are there any tried and true bodybuilding routines such as the previously mentioned powerlifting splits? What should I be doing to be successful?

do you want to compete or just be jacked and look good?

[quote]Demolish wrote:
do you want to compete or just be jacked and look good?[/quote]

Why does that matter if he’s just starting out a BB routine?

I’ve competed in strongman competitions as well as APA meets and RPS meets in New England, Ive already conquered those demons I guess you could say. Now Im trying to add some mass to my frame though and get jacked

Thanks PulsedEE for your reply. Believe it or not I came across that stickie yesterday when I was browsing the site for hours lol. I think Im going to give that a shot