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Struggling with Macros

How do you guys figure out your fat number? A buddy told me my diet should roughly be 40% Protein 40% fat and 20% Carbs.
Numbers I came up with last night are 244p 102c 93f
I feel like the only time I see results is when I pay for my plan. When i work it up myself I don’t see shit so Im hoping to get some insight. Thanks guys

Personally, I set my protein first. Then I generally set carbs about equal to my protein. I don’t do well with super high carbs so I like to stay more moderate. I make up the rest of my calories in fat. There are tons of great articles here on t-nation about diet. Hit it up that category and get reading. What are your goals? With that breakdown you’re getting 2200 calories. Depending on your size that’s really low.

Well im 202lbs at about 15% I am currently cutting. I dont do well with super low carbs so I went as low as I could and remain sane. My original fats were at 28 and I was told that was way too low so I adjusted. I think my original numbers were 266p 155c and 28f. This is my revision.

To me that sounds low. How tall are you? When I went from about 210 to 195ish I didn’t go below about 2300 calories. Are you just starting out or have you been doing the cut for a while?

That breakdown doesn’t sound too crazy to me.

I’m 5’8. I’m just starting this year’s cut. Last year I went from 220 to 182. I was at like 1800 a day though it sucked! Ii got really small and my girlfriend didnt like it. So this time im trying to keep the size I have and just cut a couple % in the next month or 2 then run maintenance calories until August when I will start cutting again for vacation in november.

I think you’ll have better luck with slowly reducing. What were you eating like before the cut? No need to jump from, say 3000 down to 2200. You can go a little more slowly.