Struggling with Insomnia after PCT-Doctor Recommends Gonadorelin

Hey guys, 25 male who was on trt for a year. Started to mess with doses and an AI which gave me awful insomnia. Did PCT for 2 months and felt normal but after PCT was done I felt like shit again. It’s been two months and sleep still hasn’t recovered. New doctor wants to give Gonadorelin and BPC -157, but I have HCG and clomid on hand, what do you guys think?

Labs below:

LH: 4.41
FSH: 1.82
DHEA 418
Testosterone 356
Free Testosterone 82
SHBG 25.7
Estradiol 12.1
Estrone <10.0
Pregnenolone 10.65
Progesterone 0.92
PSA 0.830
IGF 145

Unless this for sleep, this won’t do anything for your HPTA.

Without reference ranges, it’s hard to tell - but I would be willing to bet you’re having low estrogen issues… HCG would cover that, just keep an eye out for high E symptoms. I think Clomid is a band-aid for your problems, and I think you need a stitch or two… meaning you should get the problem fixed, not masked.

^I’m not too familiar with Gonadorelin so no comment on this compound.

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Your LH and TT are normal. They’re not what you necessarily want as a 25 year old, but I presume that’s why you were on trt to begin with.

Your e2 is low, though in context with lower end TT it’s not outrageous. But your sleep issues are probably caused by it nonetheless. It’s a fairly common side effect of e2 being too high or too low.

Gonadorelin is an interesting choice. I assume your doctor is thinking it’ll kick up your LH and FSH, which it will, but the question then is for how long will that last? It’s similar to using a SERM for PCT in that you’re trying to coax your body into natural production faster than it otherwise would be, so you hope once you’re back online you remain steady and stable. Problem is you did that and you see the results. Decent chance you’ll want to get back into trt considering your numbers.