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Struggling to Lean Down

Couldn’t find a proper place to ask this topic -
I have previously asked before I believe in terms of using clen, But I don’t want to really…Unless it’s the only way (Joke)

I have no idea really on my current BF %, I only know looks and weight.


I cannot seem to shift the scales down at all. Some days I look like yes, I’m losing some weight, Next day boom, up a pound.

Yes I know the basics of calories in calories out, My main question is if anyone can look @ current macros and assist me?

Protien - 200
Carbs - 170
Fats - 50

By any means for someone my weight this should be “Cutting” macros, Around 2000-2200 (Guess)

My diet contains of:
Isolate protien shake
25g berries
20g dry mango
1 Bagel
1 Carrot
200ml egg whites

Meal 2:
200g 5% beef mine
150g white rice
100g red pepper

Meal 3:
1 chicken breast
150g sweet potato

Meal 4:
1 chicken breast
150g sweet potato

Meal 5:
200g 0% greek yogurt
60g raisins
Isolate protien shake

Can supply current pics if needed.

I think the largest thing missing from this equation is: what is your daily activity level like? I am 6’1" and 248. I am cutting right now at 2400 kcals/day. However, I am generally sedentary when I am not at the gym. I work from a computer for 9 hours/day. If you sit behind a computer like me, you may need to drop much lower. If you have a physical labor job, this should be a decent deficit.

My macros look like this


Thats some low carbs, Could try even lower but don’t want to effect performance too much.

I have a physical job and training 6x per week currently

O yea, tell us about your sleep too, this has a HUGE impact on weight loss

Sleep is a good 8-10 hours every night, With the wake up at 2-3am to pee :slight_smile:

Ok, so sleep isn’t the issue. I think before trying clen, I would make sure my iodine intake is sufficient as well. I drink 2 oz pure, unsweetened cranberry juice everyday for iodine to make sure I have proper thyroid “fuel”

Also, I think your protein is a little low for cutting. I think a good “rule of thumb” is 1.2 g/lb, so you should be more like 215-220 protein.

Do you track your weight at all? I put mine into a spreadsheet so I can graph it and see trends. I weight myself every morning as soon as I get done peeing. It looks like it is all over the place, but if you put a linear trend line over it, it is in fact moving down. It is a simple, first order trend, but I think it is good enough for this purpose


Did you end up implementing any of the advice you got last time you asked the same question a year ago, when you weighed exactly what you weigh now and were eating exactly like you’re eating now?

Post current pics

Raw weight or cooked?

You need to track

Just by looking I know that the macros are off.

Hey hey, I made a post awhile back just for this! When Your Cut Stalls

Have you tried actually tracking your calories? I see you have 2000-2200 as a “guess.” Is your meal plan provided what you eat exactly everyday? It doesn’t really matter I’ve never ate the same thing every day. My guess would be you’re consuming more calories than you think. I’d do a full month of tracking everything. That way your guess of say 2200 isn’t actually 2800. With apps and stuff it’s easy to track this stuff. Don’t have to do it the rest of your life really just get a feel for how much you’re actually eating.

If you’re already doing this how can you sneak in more exercise? Can you take a 30 minute walk at lunch? Can you park farther away? Can you walk more on weekends?

As mentioned stop caring what the scale says day by day. Look at what the scale says week by week. Weigh yourself in the morning after taking a piss and weigh naked or with just underwear on. Put it in whatever app you use or make a note of it. If you start Monday and the next Monday you’re down you are making progress.

Clen should be the furthest thing from your mind at this point.