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Struggling to Find A Dialed in Protocol

I immediately had consistent good sleep, hard erections, morning wood, overall happiness, lean muscle, energy, mood swings went away, brain fog lifted, rumination gone, self esteem rose, its not always perfect, because I still have a high stress job that I love, people to interact with, but all I have to do is jump in my car and know that Im free to do whatever I want. SHBG is important and too low is problematic, too high is problematic. So what can you do? Find a good dose that works and live. Plenty of low dose guys living out their best lives, and then there’s guys like you or me who need more. I had to creep my way up to 220mg/wk and I saw that my SHBG dropped, but ya know what? Im alive, Im hard, and I love to flirt. So its all for the better. Now Im back to 160mg and it took a couple of weeks to land back where I feel good again. Its pretty standard stuff. But with spaced out shots and low doses, its guaranteed to create some issues. Im not managing every single aspect either. I inject my T every morning and off I go. You could say that injecting ED takes good work ethic, and that I have. So be responsible, keep an eye on everything and make wise decisions. Oh HCT and RBC went up too, so I quit smoking weed, Started donating blood and it feels good every single time. Now Im going to try an experiment to raise my SHBG a bit, but it does not concern me. What are you going to do? Live in fear of not being able to control every marker? Fuck that. Inject daily and live.

So I’m about a week into Test Cyp, I do feel slightly better but have lost a small bit of mass and my muscles seem to feel a bit softer, is this normal?

I’m guessing it’ll take 6 weeks to stabilise again?

It’s more like 3 weeks for me when I make changes. But 1 week is too soon to really notice anythinf

For your levels to stabilize, it may take longer for your body to adapt.

You’ve not lost muscle, only intracellular water which should get replaced relatively quickly after reaching a steady state.

That’s the only draw back I’ve had, don’t want to talk too soon but have had libido back for the first time in a long time and the Cyp is in olive oil so extremely easy to pin.

It seems a bit smoother than E too, when I injected E either that day or morning after injection it would hit you fast.

It takes my body much longer than six weeks to adapt, maybe 4 months.

Is this normal though? You always read about people saying you shouldn’t notice any difference as they are identical etc.

Its so much easier to inject thats for sure

Oh thanks mr psychologist, now move on

NO, false again, you are so clueless.

No the impact is huge, go study vigorous steve, jesus christ you guys are so done.

@equel I have nothing but love for you my angry brother! Your anger is hurting you more than anyone else you lash out at. I only speak from experience in being a well balanced individual with the ability to convey my thoughts without sarcasm or disingenuity. Please… please…please… Im begging you. Up your dose and quit being a little bitch. Take care.