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Struggling to Find A Dialed in Protocol

On TRT 1 year and a half, I’ll be honest I have been changing things way too much, I can never seem to find a sweet spot on Undecanoate or Enanthate.

Latest labs
TT 21 nmol/l 10 - 27.5
FT 0.661 nmol/l 0.2 - 0.7
E2 81 pmol/l 45 - 157
SHBG 13 nmol/l

Protocol Test E 40 mg e3.5 days.

I really want to try either daily or EOD shots, the more I think about it the more I see how it might benefit to me.

My clinic can switch me to Cypionate or scrotal cream and I also have HCG but don’t take it unless I get sore nuts.

I just want to feel stable and libido is my main goal.

What do you guys think I should do? The thought of daily shots stresses me but I realise that I may have to give it a go to feel better as I’ve low shbg.

So scrotal cream or cypionate is my next choice to try.

People take SSRIS daily, even though the HL of many are over 7 days, people say the HL of cypionate is about 7 days but only inject once or twice a week, I really think daily might be the way to go, I’m willing to try.

Pick one ester and do this EOD for 6-8 weeks. Don’t add anything, don’t change anything early

You mean divide the 80 mg weekly dose into 20mg EOD?

40mg EOD seems a bit heavy for me, I can’t deal with large amounts of testosterone, was on a higher dose a while ago and couldn’t cope.

The problem Im seeing is people react to a bad thing and blame it on TRT. You cant get dialed in because your dose is too low imho. When you make a change you fluctuate. You have to know this. Go higher and deal with the change. Bust your ass in the gym and get your mindset on board. Forget HCG and let the nuts ache, it will stop. So follow the advice listed above and stick with it. Watch how things get better. With low dose T you’re replicating low T symptoms. I inject daily and its no big deal. I love it because it gives me life. Cant cope? Been there. So I make it a mission to get everything done and go to sleep early so that I dont have to deal with BS all day and all night. It will pass. I was just there last week and couldnt answer my own questions because I decided to lower my dose. Well guess what? I stuck with it and one day I woke feeling great again. Shit… I deal with a wife, child, MIL, 4 dogs, 15 coworkers and clients to make my day peachy. Just up the dose, increase frequency and watch how much more of a man you become in a few months. Start plugging! You already wasted a year pussyfooting.

Man I can’t cope when my nuts start to ache, it makes me feel off and just completely rough, strange, it’s not just a physical sensation.

I appreciate what you are saying about increasing the dose but my FT is already at the top of the range, I just don’t understand why I can never feel good on TRT.

All I want is to feel good, I’m willing to give the increased dose a go and see what happens.


Cope. You’ve been on T for over a year now, I bet your balls will not ache as much this time around. I cycle HCG. 3 months on and 3 months off. I used to feel the shut off, not anymore.

I have never been able to be consistent in the gym or make any real use of being on TRT due to chasing my tail etc, so frustrating.

I’ll go more frequent dosing and give it a solid time to settle and see how I get on with increased dose

Not all but a lot of low SHBG men seem to struggle to feel good on TRT, at least this is what the experienced doctors that have been prescribing TRT for decades are saying and they don’t really know why.

This is why the doctors hold off on TRT initially when they see SHBG in the low 20’s and try to fix things going down other avenues first, because they know when TRT is initiated SHBG will more than likely be close to the single digits and those men will struggle.

I have an SHBG of 13 and dropping. Daily shots are what get me through the day. No complaints here.

What’s the answer and the solution to your knowledge?

The low SHBG is typically associated with metabolic syndrome, when person has diabetes that isn’t well controlled the SHBG is low. The only solution is frequent dosing or creams which only have a 2% effect on SHBG levels.

I don’t think you need more Test, just more frequency. I think your Free T will be higher if the dosage remains the same and you switch to daily dosing.

Ok ima tell you what to do:

  1. Dont do ED, dont do EOD, why? You want more estrogen (to drive up shbg).
  2. 1 injection a week, 70mg.
  3. Do this for 8 weeks, your SHBG will go up and your libido will come back.

Thank me later.

Just stop your shit already, his dose is not “too low”, jesus christ check his SHBG and free T levels. Increasing dose will just FURTHER decrease shbg levels.

Gosh some of you people are just done.

Oh hey whats up dude? I’ve been missing you. Muah!

I would increase the dose. Rarely does anyone do well with a dose as low as yours. Forget the number, maybe you’re one who needs higher free testosterone to feel good. Might help to increase E2 as well.

Estrogen has a minimal impact on SHBG levels.

The large peaks of infrequent injections will hammer SHBG, smaller more frequent dosing will be best when SHBG is already low.

Ive noticed that you bash the high E guys, and the High T guys, and the happy guys. You have a negative point of view and act with emotion in every post. What is going on man? Seriously I dont want to alienate you, and say something that will hurt your feelings, but for over a year all you do is show up to be a party pooper. Your track record states that you’re a very irritable person with no tact. I remember how you would say that the high E guys are very emotional yet you prove to be that guy without the hormone panel to prove what you’re accusing others of. I wish you well, and I wont fall into the trap of bashing you in return. If you were near me, Id buy you a pint. Hope you come out feeling great soon.


I will give more frequent a go, nothing to lose at this stage

What differences did you notice when moving from less frequent dosing into more frequent dosing? Any noticeable effects?