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Struggling to be Consistent


Hello everyone!I am a 21 year old guy and i’ve been training seriously for about an year and a quarter.For the last 2 months i was constantly program hoping and i find myself very demotivated to train.My current stats are:
Height: 6`2.8
Squat:308 for 3reps
Deadlift:374 for 3 reps
Bench:259 for 3 reps
Overhead press:165 for 3 reps
I mainly want to improve these lifts and be stronger overall.To acomplish this i want to follow the following program for some time:

Volume A:
Squat 4x5 1xmax 70%
Bench4x5 1xmax 70%
2-3 assistance

Volume B:
Deadlift 4x5 1xmax 70%
Press 4x5 1xmax 70%
2-3 accessory

Intensity A:
Squat ramp to 5 RM
Bench ramp to 5 RM
1-2 assistance

Intensity B:
Deadlift ramp to 5 RM
Press ramp to 5 RM
1-2 assistance

Ill train 3 day per week with the following setup:
volume A voume B intensity A
volume B volume A intensity B
I choose this way because i cant progress add weight on the bar every week.
Looking forward to hearing your opinions!:smiley:


I’m glad you’re making good progress. I would ditch the assistance and accessory exercises and replace them with rows, chin ups, and loaded carries so your back is as developed as your front. When I was in college I didn’t understand this and ended up with lower back pain.


Pick a 531 template and follow it to the letter. Something like two cycles of 5s Pro with FSL and then one cycle of PR sets and joker sets.

It’ll work better.