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Struggling Strength 1st Edition

Im taking the plunge and starting a Training Log. Im in my final weeks of Academics for Law Enforcement before i begin 3x a skills

height; like 5’9 maybe 10
weight 196
BF: no clue, im not fat but im not “shredded” so whatever that is
age 23
Best lifts (beltless wrapless bla bla bla)
Squat: 370x3
Dead: 440x5
bench: 275x4; 300x1
hang clean: 300x1
clean and jerk: 260x1

Havent fully layed out my plan yet but it will be a type of 5/3/1. figure this to be the easiest to track and maintain consistent strength through the 6 months of skills

and my unobtainable but motivational picture…


After talking and thinking on it until my skills training starts im going to stay with 4 days a week, simply because i enjoy it and recovery isnt an issue at all right now. I will begin the build a bigger yoke since I believe big forearms and traps will look BA and only help me be more awesome at training and my career.

Back was feeling good so i went in today and hit a few things to try and get a good idea for maxes for monday.
Bench 190x3 225x3 250x6 smooth
clean and press worked up to 175x3* (it really shows ive been slacking on OHP work)
clean and push press up to 205x5*
clean 230x3
front squat up to 305x2 (no belt)
wtd back ext 2x8 w/70lbs 50 HLR and a butload of light band face pulls.
cant believe how weak i am at back ext excited for working these and the gains that should come along with them.
*just one clean and then pressed or push pressed from that position.

one more note I ordered Captains of Crush gripper #2 not sure if i can close it but i have #1 and can get 10 with both hands so new goal eventually get 10 w/ the #2 (first i have to get one rep though haha)

So layed out starting monday this will be the routine.

TMs:…SQ; 365/ BP; 280/ OHP; 170/ DL; 460/ CL; 245

SST TMs; Fsq; 295/ CGbp; 245/ SnatchDL; 375/ P/P; 215/

Monday: warmup and stretching
Press… 3/5/1
Pause CG Bench…SST
Band face pulls…3x25
Kirk Rows…5x10

Tuesday:stretching warmup box jumps
Snatch DL…SST
Back ext…5x10-15
abs and grip

Thursday: warmup and stretching
Bench Press…3/5/1
Rubish Rows…5-8x10
Push Press…SST
klokov press…3-4x8-12

Friday: stretch Warmup box jumps & light clean
Front squat…SST
Back Ext…5x10-15
abs and grip

I ordered my gripper before deciding to begin this. moneys to tight to spend another chunk of change on a head harness.
klokov presses destroy my rear delts and traps thats the only lift not in the list of selected exercises although id find it hard to believe they are “no good” pause CG bench really boosts my regular bench and choose push presses because those help my military press.
Excited for monday to roll around

First session is in the books. 12/08/2014

Press 70%~120x3/ 80%~140x3/ 90%~155x8 Joker set 170x3

Chinups/ 30lbx3x10r bdyx2x12

Pause CGBP 160x5/ 185x5/ 205x5

Kirk Rows (w/fat bar) 135x3x12, 2x10

band face pulls 2x30

happy with the presses didnt plan on doing a joker but the 90% set was fast and smooth.
other notes kirk rows hurt so good.

Wow, what a horse crap day. Never underestimate how quickly a girl and finals can cause stress. Definately a minimum reps day and squat thoughts

Power Clean 175x3(even this set just felt slow) 195x3 220x3

Squats 255x3 290x3 330x3 (best is 330x10 so thats how miserable today was)
sat down for about 5 minutes and tried to just focus to “finish strong”
snatch DL 255x5 285x5 320x5
GoodMorning 95x4x12
planks 2x60sec russian twist W/25lbx20 Alt,Hammer curl 45x15

I lift at my old highschools gym and one of the teams must have taken the back ext out no biggie. legs are shaking from the snatch and GM so got a solid hamstring workout at least
With the stress i just did not care today about squats, on the way down instead of thinking of exploding and being all cool and stuff all i could really think was “man dont wanna do this” even though all the weights felt like nothing on my back. will lower training max to 87.5% id just rather kill reps for this cycle and today left me with a bad taste in my mouth, oh well bad days happen.

Thursday 12/11/14

Todays workout was an incredible ego beatdown, apparently my work capacity is at around 1.7 out of a million.

Bench Press 70%~ 195x3/ 80%~ 225x3/ 90%~ 250x7* (I do believe that is an all time PR)
Push Press 140x5/ 160x5/ 190x5 all super easy did the klokov complex with 190 after this simply because thats the video i watched before lifting and it looked fun

Rubish row 225x5sx10 these were flat out hard breathing like a freight train
Klokov press 100x3sx10

  • I wouldve attempted 8 and fully believe I was capable today but on the 7th rep i had a run in with the support pins and was pushing against that with my R arm so called it good.

push presses were easy and super fun, i just love cleaning and putting things above my head, and one day i plan to actually be good at it haha.

Beltless deads, pulled in rogue do-wins

warmup-some stretching with back extensions and cleans with 135
Deadlift 70%~ 320x3/ 80% 370x3/ 90% 420x8*
Pr beltless deadlift, really happy since hammies and low back were still a lil sore from my tuesday session of Good mornings

Front Squat 190x5 225x5 250x5
wtd back ext 65x4x10 bdy1x15 (wow these were hard, maybe should started lighter but oh well)
ab rollouts3x10 russian twist 2x25 and grip work

Awesome session had a great time, my buddy was home from his school, and cant wait till were lifting over his christmas break!

also i was reading about the renegade diet last night if anyone has thoughts on that i was curious of starting it on monday but im not sure ive never been a diet guy but thats mainly due to laziness.

Today was definately just a run of the mill day. I wasnt weak or anything but could feel the affects of lack of sleep from studying finals creep over me. sleep time 5 hours, brain is like molasses

Press 65%~110x5/ 75%~130x5/ 85%~145x10EZ/ 95%~160x5EZ 175x3EZ
just made sure all these moved at decent speed definately no grinding, for me personally I dont find much enjoyment or use for upper body strength sets going over 10 reps so i stopped there.
Pause CG bp 70%-175x5/ 80%~195x5/ 90%~220x5 last rep was fairly tough
wtd chin 35x3sx10 last set wasnt as strict as id like
bdy wt chin 3x10
Snatch Shrug 175x5sx6
face pulls 2x20

Tried out a different exercise last week although i felt it real good in traps after kirk rows my shoulders ached real bad, i may try them one more time but also enjoyed this new lift alot. Anything where i feel “explosive” i like since i was so slow when i was younger.

Today was great had alot of fun, thats what its all about in the end.
Began the renegade diet on Sunday decided id give it two weeks time to make an assesment of if im enjoying the eating style and to see if ive had any strength/endurance gain or drop. Went into this workout on an empty stomach on a 15 hour fast but honestly noticed no difference than my usual morning workouts.
All work was beltless
-Cleans (these werent 5/3/1 as i was helping a kid learn both the power and full clean) 250x 3 singles 2103x3r=these were straight power cleans, Noticed today that sometimes i get very sloppy or lazy and dont keep pulling once I “explode” catching this is great i know it will lead to PRs in near future.
-Squats 230x5/ 275x5/ 85%~310x10 was happy with this the only hard part was breathing easily had 12 in me 330x1 w/3ct pause in hole
-Snatch DL 265x5/ 300x5/ 340x5

-wtd back ext 65x4x10 25x1x12 MASSIVE BACK PUMP could hardly stand for awhile so i left early
when I got home i did 2 sets 1min planks and 2 sets 1 min leg lift holds
No grip work today((

Wow my buddy finished finals early and came home today and wanted to lift, even though its supposedly my day off I went anyways. Was still really feeling yesterdays squats and deads so made one change on the rows as low back was still tired and sore.

Bench, 65%~180x5/ 75%~210x5/ 85%~240x8 was satisfied with this considering how tired my body felt

Pushpress 155x5 175x5 205x5+1 jerk for fun I then did 220x1+1 cause i was loosening up by now
Klokov press 115x4sx6
pullups 4x10 band face pulls 2x25
plate flips 25x2x12 35x1x6

Skipped Rubish rows as my low back was/is incredibly fatigued but oh well got a very solid and satisfying session in, was hoping to bench 240x10 on Thursday but x8 is still a decent number for me.
Time to get back to the books 2 more days!
photo is clyde emrich 410 clean and jerk i believe first under 200lb man in US to do it, somewhere around 1957

Felt like death, think im beginning to figure out this diet. motivated but body was still just stiff from the squat workouts. So new lesson learned this week, recovery !
Dont think it helped that ive been hunkered down in my room studying and doing finals all week

Deadlift 300x5/ 345x5/ 85%~395x5

Front Squat; 205x5/ 235x5/ 90%~265x5
Good Mornings 115x5x10
Fat bar curl 110x12
PLanks 4x60sec

wanted to do some easier hang cleans today but my rear delts just feel shot, definately need to start warming shoulders up better and making sure to recover from the “Yoke” work.
I deadlift without a belt and in Oly shoes cause i know theres a thousand weightlifters cleaning and pulling more than i deadlift, so complaining about shoes seems ridiculous to me

Monday 12/22/14
Finals are finished “1s” week on 5/3/1
Have really been bitten by the clean and press/pushPress/jerk bug its really all i wanna do lately.
Also Today I think i realized it isnt the karwoski shrugs that were making my shoulders ache. My normal bench is very narrow (half a thumb from the smooth) and i like this i feel very powerful that way. So when I do CGbp 5’s pro i have two fingers on smooth, I think this is simply just to close, to day as i was warming up and first two sets my shoulders sounded like a bowl of rice krispies after getting milk put on them.

Press, 125x5/ 145x3/ 95%~160x1 180x1 195x1 205xX pressed it about an inch above my head just couldnt finish wish i had done the singles differently i do believe 205 is possible.
Pause CGBP 185x5/ 210x5/ 235x4 didnt attempt 5 knew it wasnt gonna happen

Snatch upright rows 185x6 195x4x5 200x5
Chinups bdy wt 6x10

Quick but solid workout, i need to pick up some melatonin or that sleep supplement from Comeback supplements by mendes. After finals my sleep schedule is so messed up didnt even feel tired until about 130 am. which isnt condusive when you lift at 630 am.
thinking of nixing the CGBP for Incline since im not so sure it will be good for shoulder health to continue with this lift, although maybe im being a wuss.
Other notes have definately noticed growth in traps and rear delts from this block.

will also begin drawing up a 3 day plan and adjusting to that before me LE skills classes start in January.

had to make some adjustments on the fly

Cleans worked up to and hit 6 singles at 245
Squats 270x5/ 315x3/ 345x1 350x2

Just didnt have the energy for Snatch DL and then back ext after. (honestly even i feel this is a BS excuse considering what i did instead)
RDL 300x3sx10r These were very fun though low back butt and hammies were burning
threw in a set of curls and called it good

note i did throw on a belt for the cleans, slept on my couch and its literally around 25 years old, so never a good idea. Need to stop doing that
will finish this cycle on Fri and saturday and still evaluating for whats effective and transitioning into three days a week.
I do love three days a week as it usually allows for three days a week of squats, and right now i really need more consistency and strength in that department.

LIfted in the AM 12/26
will lift again at PM since i will be traveling for another christmas on Saturday

Bare essentials since it will be twice today
Bench press 210x5/ 245x3/ 265x1 280x1 290x1
push press 165x5/ 190x5 215x4 (dangit missed the 5s pro on CGBP too)
chinups 2 sets of 10 bdy wt

will do another lower body workout tonight to make up for having to miss tomorrow

new year (close enough) goals are set plans are made, do not stray.

Bench wrmups 200x3/ 230x3/ 90% 255x5
happy with that goal was 6 but did wake up with sore throat and this was first workout off of PWOs
Pwr/Hng CLN+J wrmups 205/215/220/225x3+1 230x1+1 (went to low on second so stopped)

squats 10x5@ 230
started the cowboy method since my goal is to really work hard on the squat and make multiple PRs this year, i like squatting but i need to start pushing it alot harder/ getting out of the comfort zone (these were tough, hard to breath)

chins bdy 2x12
planks 3x 1min

12/31 Awful night just felt sick and had hardly any motivation

Push press 160x3/ 180x3/ 205x4
not sure if it was from feeling terrible or if i really need to reavaluate this TM
Front Sq. 175/190/210/225/240x5
Deadlift 325/370/395x5*
it was a terrible night but the last workout of the year so i wanted to do some type of PR so i did this with a hookgrip making it a PR on grip type ha. actually not that hard.
Rows 225x2x10

yup that was it, time to try and eat.

1/2/15 Still feelin pretty sick but was able to pull it together

Press 120x3/140x3/ 90%~160x9 was pumped about that

Squat (up to 10RM on cowboy method)
135x2x5 225x2x2 250x2x1 290x1 325x10* I did wear a thin leather belt for this set, and think i will continue to use it for the top set on RM days

Pwr Cln+J 210/215/220/230x3+1 235x3+X strength was there just could groove the catch

fat bar incline 140x2s10
GMs 100x2x15

for how ive felt since tuesday im very happy with this workout pretty sure the press was a lifetime PR and the squat was 5lbs below a lifetime best but it felt very solid

1/4/15 My LE skills start this week and they are Wed night Fri night and all day saturday. So i have made my 3 day a week be Sun, Tue, Thur.

warmups and such
Bench 185x5/210x5/ 85%~240x8/210x5/185x8 (feet up)
very happy with this all reps were nice and smooth, a big goal i want in 2015 is to limit slow painful grinding reps.

Pwr HNG cl+J 8x2/ 210/215/220/225x2+1 230x2+X 230/235/240x2+1 Just a technique fail on the 230 pushed it up and away from my body

Squat 260x10sx4 w/90sec rest
back ext 60x2x10 bdyx12 w/hold at top
face pulls 2x30

today was just a great day benching was smooth and powerful cleans felt great, writing this now i can really tell my body good a solid session in.

1/6/15 afternoon workout

Push press 145x5/165x5/ 85%~190x8/165x5/145x8

front squat 190/210/225/240/265x3*
I had loaded this wrong i though the next step for the day was 265 but it was supposed to be at 255, still smooth and easy but dont want to make these stupid mistakes often

Deadlift 325x5/370x5/ 90%~420x5* I did this hookgrip too no problemsi think ill keep going with this, today all my reps were fast, like ridiculously easy and fast.

Rubish rows 240x10/265x8/285x6
8x10 abs 2x12 bdy wt back ext hard flex and hold at top

I thought i could rely on beltless lifting to really develop ab strength, and i think i can to a degree but ive noticed a difference in lifting just from low back and hamstring work so i think i need to start putting some emphasis on doing some extra ab strengthening work. I plan to put together 6 consistent weeks of it.

Deadlifts were stupid easy today, if i wasnt doing 5sPRO on it i think i couldve easily got 10, im going to attribut this to the squatting volume and adding cleans back in on top of the low back and hammy work. Oh and i think my push press is fine i just had an off week on it last week, will continue onward with the TM.
No I dont have monkey arms like Bob Peoples, but hes still awesome today