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Struggling Lately. Any Programs on T Nation Fitting for Type 1A?

Been trying different programs and everything just has too much volume. I like to go heavy or fast and explosive as hell then go home lol. I think i need to do just 2-3 different exercises per workout tops. Was hoping to do a blend of hypertrophy and strength training but maybe im better suited for pure strength training.

  1. https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/russian-strength-skill-the-workouts

  2. https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/915-workout-program

Bulgarian Method Simplified might be a good fit for you.

Thx fellas! I really like the Strength skill circuit method from Thib army. It’s one i havent come across til you shared the link. Love the Hepburn style reps 8x2 progressing to 8x3. Thinking of trying Dips/Chins/Deadlift day 1 and Zercher squats/push press/ power clean on day 2. I’ll add some nontaxing accessory work on some days . Probably 30 degree incline bench press or DB bench press, chest supported rows , barbell curls, band pressdowns etc. While the 915 and bulgarian method simplified intrigue me, i like the straight forward hepburn low reps better than all the percentages used with 915 and bulgarian. Now if i can just decide on power cleans or high pulls lol. I like both but doing both feels redundant.

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Yep, that would be my recommendation

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5/3/1 is also VERY 1A (you can’t have more 1A than Wendler). And so is Beyond 531

Out of curiosity, what kinds of changes might you make to Bulgarian Simplified for someone who identifies more with the 1B type?

It actually works well for 1Bs too. I’d have to think about that.

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I ran it a couple years back for about 18 weeks. Enjoyed it and it’s one I know I can fall back to for quick strength gains. Could be best served being left as is for peaking purposes.

Lately I’ve been leaning more towards programs that use higher rep ranges and place a greater emphasis on conditioning. Appreciate the response!

Thx guys! Do think i have my mind set on those strength skill circuits though i realize my training ADD may fight against me on this. I’m tired of changing programs every couple of days and at least on paper these strength skill circuits with just 3 exercises look ideal to me.
Day 1
Day 2
high pulls/zercher squats / push presses
some low stress accessory work some days and on others loaded carries, sled or sprints. Nothing too crazy! This looks like training nirvana to me!

Ok, just did day 1. Felt great! Went a little light on deads as im use to doing singles or doubles at most.
Deads 3x3 and 5x2 @ 325lbs
Chins 3x3 and 5x2 @ 45lbs
Dips 3x3 and 5x2 @ 90lbs
Felt a little winded resting 1min tween sets at first but then got in groove.
I actually got a decent pump and felt like a bit of cardio as well. 3 exercises seems to be the sweet spot for me but i did do 3 sets of hanging knees after.
The only thing i think i may change is just alternating deads and power cleans possibly. Not sure how i will hang doing deadlifts twice a week. Especially this week i will have to workout 4 days in a row to get 4 workouts in.