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Struggling After a Slip

Hi, I’ve recently lost about 25lbs without really aiming to… Just have been leading a stressful lifestyle and burning myself out by lifting and not eating enough out of the “fear of getting fat.” Anyhow, at my best I was 179lbs, 6’2", and now have dropped down to 154.5lbs over the course of 3 months.

I have been so boggled over what routine to follow, cardio plan to undergo, etc… there just seems to be so much conflict that it really prevents me from making any decision–the fear of chosing a “sub-optimal” program I guess…

I am 18 years old, stressing over this shit, not knowing what the fuck to do anymore…

My goals are to gain back what I lost, using a program I can create a high G-Flux on in order to allow myself to eat large amounts of food (I can eat tons…) and gain leanly. I love to be in the gym, and for me I would like to be in there as much as possible while still being maximally (or close) effective…

I have been reading articles on the site, searching myself, but I am so insecure about choosing something I thought I would ask what one would recommend to fulfill the above requests…

Thank you… (I will be using the guidelines from Berardi’s Tailor-Made Nutrition, as I have been doing for a good deal of time–just not enough cals lately…)

Thank you.

Well, this is simple: Eat.

It’s called analysis by paralysis. If you would have been doing any diet or training program from this site, you would have made decent progress. You’re digging yourself a hole by sitting around and waiting for the perfect program as your body loses muscle.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
Well, this is simple: Eat. [/quote]

haha well I dunno how much this will help him BUTTTTTTTT. First off cobain if you want it bad enough, you WILL get it. Set for yourself what you want to achieve and if you want it bad enough it will follow. You said you just haven’t been eating enoguh cals lately well…this is where steven is right lol. EAT…just eat a lot man, i think what helps me for eating is just having a journal…write down what you eat everyday.

When you go to bed the night before look over to see what your missing. Not enough water, fruits, just need overall more cals, more protein etc. You get the idea. For training…well I don’t know what your previous gym experience is…anyways it sounds to me like you should just take a week off from lifting.

You said you were burnout etc etc. WELL. Take a week off, rest good, start that journal of food, and get at it the next week refreshed with a clear mind state. For a program if you want a lot of activity and something challenging…and it sounds to me like this would be the perfect program because I actually did this program when I was around your BW…160.

Chad Waterbury’s Total Body Training. If you follow it, and actually really bust your ass on it I cannot see how you will not make gains. The key is make it COMPOUND movements. The deadlifts, squats, benches, bent over rows, etc etc will add meat to your frame if you eat accordingly also.

Especialyl the 15 rep set day will challenege you mentally and physically if you really put the poundages up. Don’t make it a pussy workout, it should feel hard, it should feel shitty too…but in a good way. You cannot get something for nothing. Alright well I’m done talking for now. That’s my suggestion for a program…look it up. I think it’d be something good for you at the moment.

If you were to tell me you’d do anything to get out of this rut I’d have you on an old time push/pull/leg split with a bare minimum of at least 4500 quality calories a day and 5000 or more would probably be better.

Including whole eggs, meat, fish, unlean chicken etc. Lots of essential oils and veggies, some fruit and a gallon of water a day. Right now, at your age and metabolism, I’d train every other day, push. skip, pull, skip, legs, skip and so on. I’d also ditch the cardio altogether for a while.

Last, but certainly not least, if I were your best friend I’d break into your house at night and steal the memory out of your computer so it won’t start and thus keep you away from any and all other information until you develop an intuitive self awareness sufficient to withstand the temptation to be swayed by every syllable you read.

You need to forget everything you think you know, go back to square one and stay there until cured. I mean that with no sarcasm whatsoever and your best interests in mind.