Struggle with Weight Loss

Hey guys. First post here, and its about a struggle.

Ive been working out for 1.5 years now. Im 29, and ive been stuck at 215-220 for nearly 6 months now.

When i first started i was a hefty 270lbs at 6’2. Got down to 230 no problem, plateaud there for a while, adjusted my diet and got down to the 215 im at now.

Currently eating 2600 cals on training days and 2400 on non training days. Lifting 5 times a week, with 4 days of cardio. Ive tried different combos of days working out, days doing cardio. Ive adjusted calories up and down in various ways. Dropped to 1800 in hopes of losing more weight, but that was unsustainable for me. Tried upping calories to maybe kick start my metabolism, still nothing that seems to be working.

Current macros are 200 p 310 c 80 f 2600c training, 215p 280c 75f 2400c non training. Also ECA stack and fish oils 3x daily.

Training, I would like say is intense. Cant really hold a convo, and im dripping sweat. I go to the gym from anywhere between 45 mins to 90 mins depending on what im doing that day.

Any help and suggestions would be awesome! Thank you.

Up the calories by 400, keep the macros except up protein and lower the carbs.

What exactly is your program?

ECA? Really? How '90’s of you.

You use a stack when you get to single digits. Not to loose normal fat.

Program is Upper body/cardio Monday, Legs Tuesday, cardio Wednesday, core/cardio Thursday, upper/cardio Friday, legs/cardio Saturday, and rest Sunday.

Cardio is either 15 minutes HIIT or 35 minute LISS. Depending on day.

And yes ECA, it was recommended by a few people, and I wanted to try something to at least help accelerate things, which is clearly not working. So I am definitely open to any advice here.

typo? -80g carbs on training days, 280 on off days.

Anyway up calories a bit and try one of these…

310 grams of carbs and 80 fats on teaining days.

I actually think you’ve done a great job of losing weight, and are forgetting that the more weight you lose the harder the pounds become to shed.

Having said that, I’m trying to lose weight now, so I do as many leg exercises as the rest of my muscles combined. Back squats, box squats, loaded carries, weighted steps, dead lifts, power snatches, leg presses …my upper body exercises are programmed to give my legs a rest. When I was younger, but still a little older than you, I found doing a set of heavy squats, then a set of lighter squats, then a set of high jumps as a super set worked pretty well. I got the idea from “Star complexes” you can look up on this site.

I appreciate the kind words, and I do understand the more you lose, the harder it becomes. But I just felt like a 6 month stagnation period was too long. Hence my post hahaha.

Took a look at the star complexes, and its actually pretty similar to what Im doing now. But Im not opposed at all to trying new techniques. So perhaps ill give this a go here soon!

I know that when I plateaued, I doubled, my cardio. With the amount of calories your taking in, id say 30-45 minutes of low intensity cardio (keeping your heart rate between 120-140) 4 times a week in the morning, twice a week post workout and then HITT (heart rate 120-140, spiking up to about 160-170) 2 times a week post workout. Whatever works best for you though.

Also, look into building mass. The more lean body mass you have, the easier it is to lose fat.

Count your macros, stick to a plan and work your ass off.

Well, same result yesterday, step on the scale, still 217.

So I took some advice from here, Ive upped my calories slightly to 2800, but my Macros are now 315 protein, 140g fat and 45 carbs. So we’ll see how these next few weeks go!