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Structuring Full Body

Probably 2 cycles at most.

Biggest improvement was the conditioning. Give it a bash

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You mind sharing how you set it up?

The exact same way it’s in the book

I used the Airdyne for conditioning

3 x LSS

3 x HIIT which i would make up on the spot eg 5 miles for time/20s work 40 secs rest etc

Right on. Did you add any assistance or literally just do what’s laid out?

try this then 1.2,(Leave 1.3+4) gets some of the best feedback of all templates. Everything all laid out…

As far as 5x10 etc personally say just verge on the side of caution, …can read a bunch of Jims ‘Blood and chalk’ articles and you will gain clarity


Simple, use what weights you’re capable, use the prescribed # of assistance for your template and its that easy. Push pull single leg/core

I just finished 1000% Awesome on Friday. Loved it. Didn’t get weaker or smaller but am in better shape than ever. I stuck with the exact layout from the book including assistance movements and reps. The 5x5 @ 80-85% work shouldn’t be taken lightly, it’s an ass-kicker.

Word. Thanks.

That was a random session done last year mate

Thanks bud.

Forever Book is fairly clear on what exercise to do. He lists all exercise possible for each of the three components (push, pull, leg-core) You just choose one or two from the list and do the rep. As he mentions weight is not that important. I had great result working out 4 days a week doing only bodyweight pullup, dip, pushup and ring row as my push pull options

From what I read you want to do BBB 3 days. Book again is fairly clear on the different options and weight you can use. I suggest you run it for 3-4 cycles as written. 5x10 at 50%. Then you will know how your body respond to the program and will be in a better position to choose the optimal variation for you.