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Structural Balance Strength Ratios

I just re-read with great interest the article on Achieving Structural Balance, an old article here, that lists optimal strength ratios using a 14" close grip flat bench as the foundation, with other ideal ratios being
Close Grip Bench Press
Relative score: 100%

Incline Barbell Press
Relative score: 83% of CGBP

Supinated Chin-Ups
Relative score: 81%

Behind-the-Neck Presses
Relative score: 64%

Scott Barbell Curls
Relative score: 46%

Standing Reverse Curls
Relative score: 30%

External Rotation SA*
Relative score: 9% Done for eight reps

I will have to test. Is there anything similar for lower body strength ratios that anyone has run across? I haven’t been successful finding one. Is there another one out there for upper body ideal ratios??