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Stronkfak's Getting Stronk AF

Hey there again,
Long time no see,right?

Brace yourselves,long post following

So,as I’ve said,I finally found a job.The first 6 days we were building the shop,after 2 10 hour seminars.We were working 13-14 hours per day with one 20 minute break.As the only guy that had no lower back issues and could walk straight after the first day I was the one carrying almost everything heavy.I’m talking about 200 selves,500+ kg of fitness equipment,70 kg treadmills ect.Dispite eating 1.5 lbs of rice with tuna on my break and a shitload of food in the evening I lost 15-17 pounds the first 10 days, which made me feel like shit.Following 2-3 weeks were super stressful as with almost no training we had to serve for 8 hours the huge crowd that comes on discount weeks.Turns out I’m really good at sales,since by just by reading for an hour online about shoes we’re selling and asking more experienced co-workers a few questions I came in the top 3 salesmen revenue wise day after day after day.Sunday wasn’t off either,since it was discount period

So now I’m left with a 4 hour job I like a lot and some revenue coming in

Lifting wise,I’m a bit weaker than I was, but that ok.There’s really no better way to put it.It’s just ok,since I can only get stronger from there

So I made a list of my life goals at the moment

Working for a salary is something I’m not only happy to do at the moment, but I go as far as feeling blessed, since I’m getting my check without an hour delay in the screwed up Greek economy.It’s not something I wanna do for the rest of my life though.Even if I manage to work my way to a higher paying possition, it’s not how I dream of living my life.I want financial independence

The way to get there?By finding a need people have and fulfilling it either better or differently that it’s already being fulfilled at the current market

Plan for now is to save as much as possibe and keep researching

2.My degree on Matchematics
I joined this specific university department not just cause I thought I was more likely to find a job, but cause I loved math.I have fallen behind here and that’s inexcusable.Not really much to say here.I just have to study and get the fkn degree, both to set better conditions for my future as well as hand the paper I always wanted to have on my wall

Big af and strong af.Simple as that
Again,it’s something I always dreamed of.Being big and strong.So I’ll get there through proper programming and dieting.Goals for the moment and this log are a 220 ohp and 505 deadlift while not getting too fat.As easier as it may make it,it’s not worth going around with a belly I’m ashamed of at age 21

4.Establishing happy relationships
That goes for family,friends and dating.It’s not that much of a goal I’m chasing as it is a reminder to be happy in the process of getting where I wanna be

5.Have a nice house and an amazing wardrobe
Again,more of a reminder to spend more money and time on those 2 stuff that I always thought as indicators of success and less on stupid stuff.I don’t usually spend money on stupid stuff,but those extra 20 bucks I spend on coca cola or an extra beer could find some better use,right?

If you stuck all the way through here, thanks.I really appreciate it


Now to talk about what we’re here for.Lifting

My training has switched from upper lower concurrent to full body concurrent,twice per week,with 2-4 mini workouts per week,I may be still training 4+ times per week,but I find it easy both mentally and recovery-wise

Goals are
1.Overhead pressing 220 lbs
Deadlifting 505 lbs

2.Getting huge shoulders, traps, neck, upper back, glutes, forearms and big in general

To get there,apart from the 2 previous goals,I’ll chaise stuff like a 3 plate barbell row,4 plate yates row,6 plate shrug,2 plate forearm curl ect.Many of these movements I haven’t even tried yet, so I cannot set specific goals on them, but as long as I get 5 lbs stronger each time I rotate them in I’m ok

Not much more to say.Now all I have to do is move some heavy shit and eat

I made a separate post cause I thought I’d have more to write.Turns out I didn’t

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Definitely following again, I wondered where you’d been! Glad all is going okay and good to have you back.

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In for the ride mate! That and you ought to include some pics now that you’ve lost quite a fair bit of weight.

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I have gained 5 pounds after 2 weeks of getting back to training.Shit lighting though

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Glad you’re back. I’ll be following along.

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We have similar goals and ideals for body type. Sucks you lost the weight and strength, but you don’t look that bad even in shit lighting my brotha. Definitely in


Sounds like you’ve been following alpha destiny

Regarding lifting, you should gain your old size and strength back at an elevated pace, thanks to muscle memory.


Nice to see you didn’t drop dead, following.

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Some of the stuff he says is dumb af, but he is a strong manlet so I watch all his shit.


Try Eric Bugenhagen, now that’s intensity
(His channel was better before but it’s still fun to watch.)

His channel isn’t too informative, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t motivating

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Been with bugenhagen for awhile. Hes rad


I’ll be following, but you already knew that.


To everyone jumping in,I love ya’ll

Glad to hear that fam.Judging from your pic your forearm game’s on point

I have been following him for quite a while.His training info is on point

That too

Volume day

Reverse hypers
Bw x 20 x 2

Box squats
20 kg x 8
60 kg x 3
90 kg / 198 lbs x 2 x 8 Speed was really on point

20 kg x 10
30 kg x 8
42.5 kg / 93.5 lbs x 6 x 6 6x6s are way more draining that they sound

Dumbbell press (5)
12 kg x 8
20 kg / 44 lbs x 9
14 kg / 30.8 lbs x 10

60 kg x 5
100 kg / 220 lbs x 6 x 6

Barbell shrugs
100 kg / 220 lbs x 20 x 3

Cable pushdowns
10 kg / 22 lbs x 25 x 3 I’ll add a shitload of these on every workout.Big triceps will do wonders for my ohp

Standing cable abs facing away from the cable
20 kg / 44 lbs x 20 x 3
30 kg / 66 lbs x 10
40 kg / 88 lbs x 8

I was short on time so later on the day I did
Band forearm curls x 200 total reps
Band pull aparts x 100 total reps
Band leg curls x 100 reps

Now all I gotta do is eat a ton and catch up with my favorite logs


How long do these volume workouts take you?

Around an hour or so,maybe a bit more when I actually do everything I want.Keep in mind though that on stuff other than deadlifts and ohp I take a minute of rest or less.On stuff like pushdowns or abs maybe 10-20 seconds


Mini workout

Band side neck curls
Yellow x 100

Band neck curls
Yellow x 20
Green x 10
Green and yellow x 10 door started making some noise,so I stopped
Yellow x 100

Band pushdows
Yellow x 100 x 2

Band gm
Yellow x 100 Keeping core tight trying to mimic the deadlift

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That’s some great training density. I should probably work on mine, sometimes training sessions that consist of a total of six sets take almost 90 minutes

Oh well, so far it’s working

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I used to occasionally train with a record-holding powerlifter. It took him 2 hours to do 7 reps. Not exaggerating at all


Theres a couple at my gym who both “powerlift” (even though they have never competed at all) and it’ll take him about an hour before he squats 135. He foam rolls a minimum of 30 minutes it seems.

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