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Strongwoman on TV


Tune in to NBC Friday morning and watch the Today Show 7-10 am and you'll see my g/f Kara Mann be interviewed and possibly flip a monster tire and do a yoke walk. She said they told her b/t 8-9 am but who knows.

It's pretty cool and motivating to watch her do what she does.


They just had her on, she flipped a tire. There's nothing like a pretty strong woman, congrats.


She actually laughed at the 680 tire. That was phenomenal!


Yes, she flipped it like it was her cardio workout.


i think i'm in love. cute, smart, ballsy.

if i could only get past the fact that we are almost the same height and weight, and that it makes me feel like a large vagina.


For those that missed it.




Thanks for the link.

Funtional Beauty. Good stuff.


That's awesome! I was bummed I wasn't home this morning to see it, I'm so glad you put up the clip. There were a couple of little articles about her in the paper here last week. She's very inspiring - strong, smart and beautiful!

Out of curiosity, what are her lift numbers? How much does she bench, squat, etc? I'd love to try a strongwoman contest some day and wonder just how strong I need to get first to be able to compete at all...

Congrats to her!


Wow, she is cute AND strong, good combination. Nice voice and very articulate too, btw.

No offense intended but, Is she on anything??? Supplements, gear, etc???


She can full squat 315 for 5 reps on a good day but rarely maxes. I have seen her deadlift 325 for 5 and maxes just shy of 400. Her bench is around 185 to 200 but can push press 135 until the cows come home. Those are all raw, belt only.

Keep in mind though she is one of the strongest in the sport. It's taken her 3 years to get that strong. For a beginner, and a woman under 140 lbs., those numbers probably seem outrageous and they are. I'd feel confident saying she is in the top five of the strongest women who are drug-free.

As I tell people all the time, "You gotta start somewhere".


She is very healthy and drug-free I can assure you. I know she takes her basic vitamins, calcium, minerals, etc. but aside from that, she is very careful about what she puts into her body. She is very anti-steroids for women and part of reason she does strongwoman is to prove that women can be strong and be feminine (no drugs) at the same time.

I couldn't agree more with her.


God bless her, if only I could get my g/f to do stongwoman comps. She's actually quite strong and puts on muscle easier than most guys.