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StrongmanWOD Hybrid Athletics

I know a lot of people on here have their view of crossfit, but have any of you played around with Rob Orlandos StrongmanWOD from hybrid athletics? There seem to be some pretty brutal workouts. Rob Orlando is a savage so I’m not surprised. Look back a couple weeks over the workouts if you haven’t checked it out before and let me know what you think.

I’ve done some of those workouts. They’re a lot of fun. I like them because they tend to be long and pretty brutal. Also it’s interesting that Rob Orlando is now stronger at 190# than he was doing just Strongman at a heavier weight. I heard him say it took a while for his strength to climb back up after losing weight though.

Yeah he’s been putting up some serious weights and times, especially for being 190, I didn’t know that was his weight now. Do you think the StrongmanWODs are enough on their own or do you think it would be beneficial to include a low volume strength specific program with it?

I remember someone asking Rob Orlando this question and he said he also does some strength work in addition to the wod’s. I’m trying to find a way to program the Olympic lifts in addition to the strongmanwod’s.

Sounds like we’re on the same page then brother. It’s tough to program around them cause you never really know when or what’s coming. I think I may go back a couple weeks and start and look at the whole week and then program off of that. Probably just hit some triples and doubles for cleans, jerks, squats, and snatches. Maybe throw in some strict pressing and pulls too depending on what’s including for the week.

Yeah I noticed that if you Google strongmanwod then the old site with a huge arcive of wods comes up you can look up by movement that you want to train.

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