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What is most benefical for strongman: to train in the 3-5 rep range or ME workouts? Would this depend heavily on the events that you are training? Or should you cycle rep ranges each time you do a lift?

workout 1 Jerk for 1RM
workout 2 clean and press for reps in 60 seconds
workout 3 Press for reps
workout 4 OHP for 1RM




Well you need to develop some strength-stamina as well


You need strength across the spectrum; max attempts, metabolic strength for deadlift or log medleys, strength-endurance for reps. All that being said, if you cant lift the contest weight once none of that will matter, so make sure youre strong enough to do the weights first. Then get stronger.


Good advice. Me, personally, I worked on max strength for long, and almost completely neglected my endurance. It showed in my last competition. Any event for distance and I was ready to collapse halfway through.

Without getting overly complicated, I think a good plan is to go to a 1RM or 3RM in one time period (one week, two weeks, whatever). Then find a weight in the 60%-70% range and try for a max in reps. Then keep that same weight and strive to add reps each time.


Actual event training I think is a good way to go.

Just look at what the contests events are and then go for that in training. Need to do stones from 250 to 365 to a 48" platform? Then train with that and as it becomes too easy make the stones heavier and go to a higher platform. Rinse and repeat for each event. Gym work, to me, should be primarily squat, deadlift, olympic movements and overhead stuff.



PS Endurance is mandatory, it kills me every time.


The best rep range for strongman is all rep ranges.


I agree; unless you have a particular event planned, you need to work on all categories. From what I have seen, as many events are about how quickly you can move a heavy weight over a distance or a given time, as they are how much you can max.

In my short time doing this, I have seen stronger guys lose to more agile, better conditioned guys.


I dont find that all that common