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Hi Jim, I know you’ve mentioned in the past this isn’t your forte, but I would like to check if you’ve came up with anything since about working strongman training in?
I’d be especially interested in how best to mix into a BBB template. Next week is deload and then I plan to do the 13 week BBB challenge from beyond.

I was doing the 2 day split with one day for SM training, but have since changed to the standard BBB 4 day template (doing dead/squat on sat, then throwing in stones and farmers)

I’m was thinking of keeping the BBB as written and on Squat day adding yoke and tire; treating them the same way as bi/tri’s on upper-body day(just get some work done depending on whats left after the main work) and the same on DL day by doing stones and farmers.

Now I’m curious if BBB might not be the best template now because adding that in may be too much volume, and maybe instead with the 5x10 assistance work on lower-body day it would be best to do a SM event like stones or tire…

Current split (531/5x10/5x10)
MON Press /bench /chins (light bis/tri/pullaparts)
WED Squat/dead/abs
THU bench/press/DB row (light bis/tris/pullaparts)
SAT Dead/squat/yoke/farmers/stones/abs

WED Squat 531/dead 5x10/yoke 3 runs/tire 3 sets/abs
SAT Dead 531/squat 5x10/farmers 3 runs/stones 3 sets/abs

or moving away from BBB;
WED Squat 531/tire 5x10/yoke/abs
SAT Dead 531/stones 5x10/farmers/abs

Any suggestions appreciated…

I still haven’t competed in Strongman so I’m not too sure. I’m sure other competitors can comment.

This is what I am doing as I just started training for a strongman contest and was doing 5/3/1 before that. I don’t know if it’s great but it’s working pretty good for me. I’m older and need a little more recovery than most. With the stones and farmers added in I feel my back needs more rest so I train deadlifts heavy only every other week. This is tailored to the events I’ll be doing in july.

Saturday: Squats 5/3/1, Deadlifts 5/3/1 (light every other week), Log Press strict 5/3/1, Atlas Stones, Chinups, Curls, Abs

Thursday: Bench 5/3/1, Log Press (practice some push press style), Farmers Walks, Dumbell Rows, Abs

The saturday stuff is a lot to get through so sometimes I will do half of that in the morning and half in the evening.