Strongman workout ideas

I have about 300lbs of sand bags that I use for my strongman workouts. Besides Car pushing/pulling, heavy bag lifting (my version of the stones) sand bag carry’s, Farmers walks is there any espically painful drills I can do with these sand bags that I can use in my workouts?

if you want pain you could just headbutt em.

seriously, clean and overhead press em, if you can, that is.

If you have five or more bags you can set up a loading event. Line the bags up 10-15 feet from a platform, either in a straight line or at decreasing or increasing distances from the platform. Start with your back to the platform then run over and grab each bag, carry it back and load it on the platform. You can vary the height of the platform, the numbers and arrangement of the bags, as well as the weight of the individual bags.

You can also use your sand bags as conveinent loads for use in sled dragging drills. Just make yourself up a simple wooden sled and attach a rope and handle (or harness if you choose). Set yourself up a 50 or 100 foot course with sand bags positioned at either end. Start with one or two bags in the sled and drag it the other end of the course. When you get there toss another bag in and start back. See how many lengths you can go while adding a bag at each end. This is very useful for developing the conditioning required for truck pulls, medleys, conan’s wheel, husafel stone, etc.

Sand bags can also be used to fashion a crude yoke as well. Get yourself about a 5 foot length of 3-4 inch diameter steel pipe and some heavy rope. Now use the rope to suspend the sand bags from the ends of the pipe so that when you pick the apparatus up, the bags will be about 12 inches off the ground. If you want to improve the apparatus a bit, you could use chains and attach them to steel drums, into which you could place the sand bags. The fact that each end of your yoke can swing as you take a step will initially frustrate the hell out of you, but it will also help you to develop extremely good balance when moving with a rigid super-yoke.

You could also try a simple overhead toss. Just start the bag between your legs and toss it up over your head. Could go for height or distance I guess. Good power move.

Something that I like to do with sandbags is place them in a wheel barrow and take off-awesome core stability work. I use the sandbags since they don’t roll around.