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Strongman/woman Training

I was going to post this in the Dog Pound, then the Training/Nutrition - but realized that I had some photos to go along with this “update”. So…I’ll post here.
Wow. Lot’s of info, too. First of all, Julie Havelka who is assisting Tod Becraft in our training, won last Saturday’s “X-Treme Strongman Showdown” in Boston, Ma. She was the best in the women’s division (8-competitors). And this was only her third strongwoman contest! She’s amazing, folks!
Her and Tod are now prepping some of us for the June 7, “Strongest Man and Woman in the West” contest in Boise, Idaho. I’ll be there. Competing. However, it sounds like NASS (North American Strongman Society) will officially institute a “Lightweight Class” for women (Under 140lbs). Julie asked if I’d be interested in striving for Pro level if this is the case. “Oh, yeah”. Doin’ this for $$? Which means, having to compete in May in either Colorado or Illinois. We’ll see.
As for last Fridays training? There wasn’t any. As Tod and Julie were in Boston. But, last night? Of course. It was a “easy” night.
Began with the Apollon Axle clean and press, mostly for speed/explosiveness. For me: 100x7; 70x15; 70x16. For Ko: 145x6; 110x15; 110x14.
“Duckwalk” (pic to follow). Oh, this is a fun one. Basically, a hollow metal box with a handle welded to the top that is in the center. It weighs 138lbs. You set the weight plates inside the box. So, you have to walk a distance while carrying this box - hence the term: duckwalk. (to carry the box, it’s inbetween your legs). Distance: 60ft w/one turn. Ko: 240lbs at a time of 21:84; 20:12. Me: 140lbs in 34:75; 27:43.
Shrugs: Not in a typical “bodybuilder manner”, but in a explosive shoulders up and down movement. Much more dynamic. Ko: 225x16; 275x15; 335x12. Me: 245x15; 275x15; 225x25.
That’s it for now, folks. Hope this was all worth your “reading time”!

Ko with his 335lb shrugs. (That’s Julie in the background)

Beeg Jim shrugging with 500lbs!

Ko performing the “Duck Walk” w/240lbs - from behind. That’s Jason on the right (not Jason Norcross…another Jason that trains with us).

 Hm Hmm Patricia - looking goodddd.

Lemme guess the paintings covering wall to wall in the background are the work of yours truly. Am I right?

diesel: thanks. (btw: that’s me shrugging 275lbs.).

However, that mural ain’t mine. The work was painted long before I began training there. Also, this is the gym where I’m seeing if Mike Mahler can peform his NW Kettlebell Workshop. So far, all the guys training w/us are interested as is Julie and Tod. I’m talking to Noel (owner of the gym) this weekend.

Finally pics of the MASTER CHEF:) Definatlly worth our reading time.

By the way is Ko Asain also? Can’t really tell from the pics.

You look great also :0) There are not many asians working-out like there should be…

Great Pics…

Patricia you shouldn’t have a problem with having Mike Mahler doing a kettlebell seminar in your gym. As long as you talk to the owner. Also you might want to know is a big thing in NYC now. Espically at Equinox health clubs… check out Equinox at Equinox.nyc.com.

It might help your selling point. On bringing Mike in for a workshop or something like that…

Lookin’ good team, way to g

Training hard/looking good :slight_smile:

Yeah, Equinox is big on it because Adam Cronin, who manages one of the gyms is a very cool and extremely knowledgable guy. He also works closely with David Ganulin, who runs K-bell classes both privately and at several of the Equinox facilities. His website sucks and can be found via the address


MBE: “Disservice with a smile. Since 1931.”

Yes I agree Adam is a extremely knowledgable person and very helpful one also. I worked w/ him a numberous of times when I was working at Equinox. By the way Adam is the Program Director at the Greenwich site.

Adam by the way is also part Chinese… He’s very big on O-lifts and ballistic training also…

By the way Equinox’s is a plushy health club also it caters to the rich and famous… Kind of funny how we got a guy like Adam Cronin on the team…

So cool! Damn, I wanna play too.

Damn, Patricia! Nice defined horseshoe shape to those tri’s!!! Yow…