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Strongman/woman training update: Getting your ass <i>kicked</i>

Seriously. Julie had warned me that Friday’s training was to be “brutal”. And I, being my go-lucky usual self, just laughed it off. Ha!

Let me say this: ALL of us felt like throwing up at one point or another from this last session. Mostly, during and after the medley; which was a tire flip (5-times), 2-sandbag run (30ft), sled (tire) drag (30ft).

We began this session with Apollons Axle clean/press (me), and log clean/press (guys). Tod is having me focus on the Apollons Axle since that’s what I’ll be doing on June 7. I warmed up, as usual, with the bar (35lbs). First set was clean once, press for reps: 70x5. Second set, clean/press for every rep: 90x10 (not timed). My “down” set was my timed set: 70x15 (75seconds) clean/press every rep.

Ko had a good night: 130x5; 130x7; 113 x10 (having to hold the tenth rep for a period of time).

Oh, and now we have the highlight of EVERYONE’S evening: tire flip, sandbag run/carry, sled drag medley. I flipped the usual tire (around 325-350 lbs) five times, run back to grab a 50lb sandbag, run w/it 30ft, set it down, run back for another (same thing); pull sled for 30ft. We were all timed. the guys flipped the 475 tire (5-times), and ran/carried two 100lb sandbags; Ko pulled a 200 lb sled, the other guys 290. I pulled a 145lb sled. Ko’s first “set”: 1:09:47. Mine: 1:14:22. Jim had a great evening with the best time of like, 55-56 seconds. He didn’t have to do the medley a second time. The rest of us, well, we had to. 'Cept the only difference was a lesser amount of weight for the sled drag. Ko pulled 145, I pulled 100. The other guys: 200. Ko: 52:00. Me: 56:90

I tell you what, Surge does not taste good after it backs up into your mouth for a second time. Jason, who had a excellent second run at the medley, had to sit at the faaaar side of the gym, to get some air. We all, 'cept Jim, felt the same way.

Last week, with Ko away, and it was just wee ol’ me (alllllll awone) and everyone else, I had to flip the tire as many times as I could w/in 60-seconds. First set: 14.5 times. Second: 13. Next, clean and press. Regular bar, clean once, press for reps: 85x 17 (timed, 75-sec). Sandbag carry/run: 100lb sandbag, 30ft (one way, we count distance as 60ft). 3x60ft; 4x60ft. Not timed, distance was the goal. Instead of the tire flipping, the guys performed the yoke. Josh is up to 500lbs on the yoke for 90ft. Pretty cool!

All in all, everyone’s been having some excellent training sessions. As we’re all ('cept Ko) getting ready for contests. We’re all going to be competing in Tod and Julie’s “Hell on the Hill Strongman/Woman Challenge” here in Portland on June 28. Josh (middleweight), will be competing next week at the California Strongest Man contest. And that’ll be a goooood one!

Here’s Josh.

Summing up what WE ALL felt after the medley.

Ko, gritting through his medley at the sled drag.

One more of me. This time, midway through the tire flip of the medley.

And as always, there’s Julie nearby. Her words of encouragement and coaching always welcomed! Thank gawd for Julie! I always hear her voice yelling, “you can rest when you’re done…you’re almost there!!!”

Looking great!!

Soon you will be flipping cars Patricia :slight_smile:

What exactly do you have to do for the contest coming up soon?

Pat, you and Ko are are true inspiration. I love these updates even tho I feel all weak and poofy having read them. Keep it up.

This looks and sounds brutal. Honestly, I don’t know how we’ll do this in August the night before the workshop w/ CT and MM. Tons of food, surge, food, aminos, food, cryo, food, rest, and food may help.

You are bound to win on June 7th Patricia. It’s my 58th birthday! Knock em dead!


Dang, girl! You and Ko make me feel PUNY.

I want to see you win when I cheer for you and Ko in Portland! :slight_smile:

Thanks, people.

Striker: June 7 is the “Strongest Man and Woman of the West” contest. Julie Havelka (seen in one of the pics above) won this last year. Jesse Marunde won the men’s. Julie won’t be competing in this one again this time.
Events are different for men and women. Women’s events: Farmer Carry (200’/ 100’ down, 100’ back, 60sec). Ltwt: 100lbs/ Hvywt: 125lbs.
Tire Flip- Ltwt: 400lbs / Hvywt: 495lbs 100’, 60 sec, 2 will go at a time
Apollons Axle Clean and Press for reps - 60sec. Ltwt: 85lbs / Hvywt: 115lbs (promoter recently lowered the Hvywt lb.)
75’ Seated Arm over Arm Truck Pull (75’, on pavement, 60sec). Ltwt/Hvywt: Saturn Vue (3,200 - 3,500 lbs).
FINAL Event: Carry & Drag Medley (100’, in grass, 60 sec). Ltwt: carry 1-stone & 1-keg, drag sled back. Hvywt: carry 2-kegs (1 at a time), drag sled back.

Avoids: Wow. Happy Upcoming Birthday!

Machine: I highly doubt that if Tod (since he hasn’t yet committed to a strongman workshop for that Friday; however, I’m asking him this week about it, so stay tuned), were to hold a workshop, he would have you guys perform a medley. Maybe some tire flips, farmer carries, log cleans. The medley would kick the snot out of you; it did me. I’m STILL beat. And I even made myself a nice big breakfast yesterday (steak, eggs, toast) and today.