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Strongman Without Implements


Made a strongman training plan for my gym which has no implements at all based on what ive researched so far. Is it good or even optimal?
Day 1:
Front Squats
Standing Strict Press
Heavy Power Clean Singles
Yoke Holds with +100% back squat 1rm


-Day 3:
Conv Deadlifts
Seated Dumbbell Press
Farmer Walks
Light Power Clean 5s


-Day 5:
Box Squats
Standing Push Press/Jerk
Heavy Power Clean Singles
Yoke Holds with +100% back squat 1rm

-Day 6:
Semi-Sumo Deadlifts
Seated Machine Press
Farmer Walks
Light Power Clean 5s

Still havent decided on all the rep ranges.


Kalle Beck released a book called “How to Train Strongman in a regular gym”. It’s only $10. I’d pick it up, rather than trying to wing it.


Yes! Also check out Brian Alsruhe on YouTube. I believe he has a few articles on this site as well.

Also buy or make your own sandbag for carries and atlas stone work. You can also put a buncha bumper plates on a loading pin to make a makeshift stone.


I used to do this at my gym, works pretty well. Not exactly the same obvi, but it will help you learn how to get the movement pattern down.

I also picked up big rocks in the woods. Do what you gotta do. Tires you can pick up for free(or close to nothing) at tractor supply places. For kegs, just see if you can grab some from bars. Or have a kegger.


If you over all in shape for it, youll be fine. But i will say i started strongman strong enough (bare minimum according all my research online) but the first time i hit a stone or a yoke was an eye opener. Luckily if your strong and get a few chances to get your hands on stuff it can be learned quickly. I also progressed quickly. So if you just go out of your way to grab a day pass at a strongman gym a few times before a comp youll be fine.


Yeah I saw somebody do it on youtube. My gym doesnt have bumper plates tho…