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Strongman Weight Gain Shakes and Rugby

The site is looking sick, articles are kicking ass…TC, JB and rest of the T-mag crew keep up the
good work. I know your good with helping people out…so I’ve come for your advice.

I am an 20 year old Canadian that will be attending Norwich University in the fall of 2002 to
play RUGBY!!!. The problem is that to be competitive at the level of competition I need to
pack on around 30 lbs of meat. The Chanko diet worked great so did the Get Big…the real
question Im asking is could you pass along so recipes for shakes …specifically Strongmen
shakes…always wondered what they ate like(I know they eat everything).


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Nor is a tough fucking team. My excoach played there and my team scrimmages some of your opponents, my suggestion add as much mass(lean) as possible, most canadians ive played with know the sport well, just train hard and focus your diet youll be fine.
For a bulk shake (if you are very lean)
2 scoops pro powder
4 cups milk
1.5 bannanas
6-8 tbles spoons hershey syrup
2-4 tble spoons PB
Ice cream

If your just looking for cals but dont have a fast metaboloism then try the above wo the ice cream or peanut butter…

Is the Norwich you are talking about in England?

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Strongman shakes eh? Here’s a good one I recommend for a big guy. 1 MRP, 1 cup lowfat milk, 1 cup organic yogurt (for the beneficial bacteria) 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 tbsps natural peanut butter, dash of vanilla or cinnamon, blend and add water until it reaches the desired consistency. approx. 750 calories/ 78 grams protein 52 grams carbs and the rest fat.

I assume he was talking about Norwhich U in North East USA, its a military academy that also accepts civilians.
Do they offer any financial benefits for ruggers(the only school that i no does is 12 time defending national champs U Cal)
Rucker what position are you, I hook, although in pinches I can flank or prop.