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Strongman Video


Has anyone seen the strongman video staring Hugo Girard? If so what did you think of it? T-Mag did a review in stuff we like a while ago.


I asked my girlfriend for it for christmas. It's the gift I'm looking forward to most.


i wanted to get it, but they don't offer it in dvd. oh well...no vcr here.


haha I dont have a vcr either. But I just got one off of ebay for 15.50 so i can now watch lifting videos at college!


The Girard movie rocks!!! Clearly, I'm biased cause Huge-O is the man.

I bought the dvd and it kicked ass. It was insightful, inspirational, and all out wicked.

The link to their website is http://www.topoftheworldfilms.com/strongmanmovie.