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Strongman Type Gyms in San Francisco?


Moved from Dallas to San Francisco - SOMA area - last week. Been in and out of a few gyms and searched online with no sign so far of a decent gym in the area.

Ideally I'd like to find a gym to train with strongman implements, but I'd be happy with any place where I can do deads and cleans without having the woman manager come up and ask me to stop so I don't disturb the paying patrons on the treadmills downstairs.

Do I have any hope for a new home here???


Look up DIablo Barbell across the bay in Concord.


Yeah, Diablo has pretty much everything you need. Logs, stones, yoke, farmer’s implements, etc.



Only a 45 minute BART ride from the city.

If you can handle the commitment and expectations you will get strong here.


Wish I had seen this post sooner. Since you’re in SOMA, this guy and gym is perfect for you: http://www.bodymechanixs.com/?page_id=14

the baddest motha trainer around. a bit on the expensive side, but will get you as strong as you want to get. i train with now and I have a 500lb squat (and I’m a girl!).

good luck!


Yes, by all means, if you can train with Ricky, do it. Incredibly strong and a nice guy.

Ricky and the strongmen crew he trains with are some of the strongest guys in the country.

I wasn’t sure if he takes on just anybody, so did not bring his name up. Thanks for posting, I didn’t know he had a website.