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Strongman Training?


I'm planning on competing in a strong man event my school is holding.

What do some of you all find is most helping in doing well, gym time or Sport specific training? And what kind of training do you all find helps the most?

PS: PM me if anyone else here goes to LSU and wants the details..


What events are going to be held?

Plus, will it be held only for LSU students, people in the area as well? There are a few people from loozieanna here.


Sorry, I meant to list the events.

Going to be a Hummer Pull (like the truck pulls), Farmer's Walk, Car Deadlift, and a Tire Flip.

I'm looking at the entry form and it doesn't look like it says anything about it being only for students.

You swamp rats out there can PM me for the phone number on the sheet.

Edit: It does say you have to be 18 or older though.


Specific event training will give you the most bang for the buck this close to the contest. You wont get much stronger between now and then, but you will be able to get much better.