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Strongman Training


How would one go about designing a strongman training prorgam to use in conjuction with heavy lifting (2-3 times a week), in the absence of a tire? I do not have partners for Tug-o-War as well, so doing it a la DeFranco is out of the question. Primarily for strength as well as maybe a little GPP.


You could always tug-o-war against a car (hand-over-hand pull), just be careful how you attach the rope to the vehicle.

Other than that, I think the easiest way to incorporate it would to just have a strongman event day or 2 in your program. things like Farmer's Walks are easy to do on your own. And you could try to simulate a yoke walk with a regular barbell, possibly attaching sandbags to hang from the ends, to give you the "swing factor".


If you have access to a wheel-barrel you could load it up with bricks, sand, rocks and push it around or do shrugs with it.

Locate some really big rocks, logs and toss them around.

Hell, chop some wood!!! :wink:

You could also try working on a farm, doing heavy construction, etc....

Have fun. Get a tan!!!



Or just do car pushing, as Charles Staley always recommended?

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Car pushing isn't really analagous to tug-of-war.

As far as incorporating strongman events into normal weight training - look at the muscle groups involved in the event and either add the movements in if you have the recovery ability or back off a bit in the gym on lifts that would use the same musculature. Deadlifts and stones are reasonably similar, for example, log press and barbell overhead, keg throws and power cleans, etc.