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Strongman Training

I have been thinking of adding strongman competition training into my workouts. I am not sure where or how yet but I thought it might bring some variety and fun to the training sessions. I was wondering if anyone has tried some or if anyone new of any cheap equipment to use as well as possible workouts. Thanks

Read my “Lost Art of the Finisher” article. Then get yourself a beer keg. Some places will sell you an empty. Farmer’s walks are cool too and you can do them with dumbbells. You’ll need to go heavy though. I have three pair of custom “steel suitcases” made from railroad rails, too.

I suggest reading the areticles by Tom Incledon. He occassionally writes for T-Mag and has competed in two S-man competitions. He also has trained with the top strength (ESPN) athletes in the USA. I was over his place and he has the kegs, the stones, the anchor, the chains, etc. He is so into it he is buying a truck to haul it wherever he moves (the shipping must of killed the FedEx guy!)