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Strongman Training Videos


Hey guys my name is Jeff Crow, I used to post on this site semi-regularly back in the old "TESTOSTERONE NATION" days. I haven't been here for a while. Here are a few of my recent training videos.


Your strength is pretty sick man. How do you train? How does your week breakdown?






Links don't work broseph


Sorry guys cant' seem to fix problem. But links that do work are in the performance photo forum.


Hey Jeff - did you compete in California's Strongest Man 2008? Your name sounds familiar.


Shakes, no man I didn't compete at that one. This year I've only done Fresno, Chico, and Red Bluff. Next one will be Fresno in Oct.



What strongman contest are you doing in Fresno in October? I am in San Fran and interested in this but I don't see anything on the NAS website.

Great videos btw



You are a beast.

Ultimatethor-the Fresno area contest for Oct. has not been posted yet. It's on though.

Who are you training w/ in SF??

see ya




Ok, can you get me some info on the contest? Date, events, etc? I have another commitment that month so I want to see if I can fit it in.

As for my training partners, I'm working with the usuals...Balder, Loki, and my dad Odin... Just kidding, I'm really not training with anyone right now, but I've done strongman in the past and might like to get back into it a bit.

Thanks for the help and best of luck with your training!





good stuff


your back looks SICK
damn spinal erectors look deep and thick man


Here you go Ultimatethor:

Oct. 10

The show is in a town called Fowler. Its a lil town about 15mins away from Fresno and they are having a festival. The events are
Sled Drag plus Keg load
farmers 100ft
overhead medley (straight bar, axle, 10in log, 12 log)
harness tryck pull
18in deadlift (straight bar with tires) no deadlift suits!
We are working out the weights this weekend


Thanks, Mark. Instead of hijacking this thread anymore I will just PM you.


Mark, thanks for the love. I'm starting back up this week after a little lay off since July 4 local contest. Are you doing Fresno? Let my fatass get up to 268, making 231 will be a good challenge!