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Strongman Training Update: Countdown to contest....

Not alot of pics, but thought I should provide a update anyways.

As of yesterday, three weeks away from my first ever strongwoman contest. Two weeks after that will be my second. And I’m tired, sore and filled with anticipation. Not necessarilly nervous, as Ko and I have been in good hands with Tod and Julie’s guidance.

Okay, the training. We’re in “balls to the walls” training mode now. Not just physically, but mentally. It’s very important to be mentally strong for the events. In strongman, picking up the weight is only a small part of the exercise. Ya gotta either carry it, press it for a number of times, or hold it for a certain amount of time. So being strong, while important; is only one part of contest prep. Somewhere in importance for training (especially after a session) is beer. But I’m working on that part ;-))

Last Friday: Clean and press. The guys with the Log and me with a regular bar. We were not to go over 5-reps per set. During their heavy sets, the guys had to hold each rep for a count of 5-seconds (at the top). I didn’t; I was working for explosiveness.
Ko: 145lbs (2-sets of 5), 155x5; 155x4; 145x5. Me: 65x5;85x5;95x2; 105x1; 110x2; 115x5; 110x5; 105x5.
Farmer walks, 140 feet, 1-turn.
Ko: 115lbs; 135lbs; 145lbs. Last set, timed: 115lbs in 19:85
Me: 75lbs; 115lbs. x 30ft; 95lbsx140ft in 29:94; 85lbsx140ft in 25:19. Very important for me to pick up my foot speed. To get that all important “rhythm” going.

This last Friday:
Apollons Axle push press from a rack. Press, hold for 5-seconds each rep at top.
Ko: 125x6; 125x7; last set, press out as many as possible: 125x13. Me: 75x8; 75x9; last set, 75x19.
This (holding each rep for 5-seconds) really worked the stabilizers, believe it or not. Especially once your triceps said, “enough!”.
Medley: tire drag/duck walk. Each for 70ft.
Ko, first set: 145lb tire drag, 190lb duck walk: 40:67
Second set, 170lb tire drag, 190lb duck walk: 43:78
Me, first set, 100lb tire drag, 140lb duck walk: 48:64. Second set, 125lb tire drag, 150lb duck walk: 59:84.
The thing to remember in the tire/sled drag is that at the height of the intense pain in your quads, is to NOT stop or pause. Even though your thighs are saying “STOP!” - don’t. Since you will not be able to regain that all important rhythm again. And that’s when alot of competitors stop in competitions. So, why be like everyone else? :slight_smile: Anyways, you’re (at least I am), thinking during the drag, “fast feet, fast feet…goddamn fast…feet…”
Last thing: Front holds with a tire.Just to get a feel. Ko: 30lbs at about a bit over 23-seconds. Me: 15lbs at 30-seconds. Easy, you say? Uh huh, try it. (my front hold pic is posted).

So, that’s it for now. Hope this was a enjoyable read.

Looking good Patricia. Two contest in two weeks is gonna be tough though! We had a good day of training on Saturday too, looking forward to July.

By the way, why did you post this in the “Off Topic” forum?

Absolutely motivating. Hang in there and just do it for yourself.


My guess is that only Off Topic and Photo forum are the only places that you can post photo shots. That and the Hot Rox Challenge forum.

Great stuff though patricia as always.

In Health,

Silas C.

Is Ko competing as well? Or just being the ultimate supportive partner (or maybe just into it)? What is ko’s BW?
You look great. Very impressive. I have to echo the question above, though. Aren’t the competitions really close together?

Sully: if I have alot of training pics from a Friday session, I’ll post in the Photos Forum. Lately, we’ve been focusing on contest prep that we often forget to take shots; so all I have are training updates, with maybe one or two pics. So, I post in the Off Topics.

Well, actually the contests are three weeks apart (June 7 and June 28). Sorry for my mistake. But I wouldn’t be too worried about it even if it were 2-weeks. Since Tod’s contest (June 28) is set up differently than the others. More strength oriented. And it’s here in Portland. Plus, if I do qualify for Nationals in Boise, I want to get one more contest under my belt before August.

Huck, Ko is not competing. And right now, he’s weighing 173lbs. Yeah, he’s being highly supportive; during the tire drag, he stays right in front of me, yelling at me to NOT stop. Couldn’t do any of this without him!


Looking awesome! Kick some major butt, woman!

Impressive work–

By the way, does the owner of your gym own a tire store by any chance?

E McKee: ha, you’d think. But them tires all belong to Tod.

Here’s a pic of Mike performing the front holds with the 45lb tire.

You know you have arrived @ Pat and Ko’s Gym when you pass the lot full of vehicles with no wheels up on blocks.

Just a “coincidence” that Mike is hanging out in front of the Ladies restroom?..Tacky, Tacky.

But hey! whatever works…

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza”

~ Dave Barry

(yes I found a “Beer” one for you Patricia, 2 birds, 1 stone…'Cake…)