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Strongman Training Split

I have been competing in Strongman competitions now for about 6 months. I have found that the workouts required to succeed at this sport are the most strenuous I have ever encountered. My problem is that I love RDL’s and and am somewhere around 650-700 for a 1RM. I have been doing my deadlifts as close to every ten days as possible, but with stones, power stairs, and tire on weekends my back is fried and I can never get a good olympic workout in. Asumming I will be doing events on Saturdays, what kind of three day split involving at least Power Snatch for an olympic movement would you suggest for the gym during the week. I also need to focus on overhead strength. I thank you for your opinion and your time.

Brad Cardoza, CSCS

I’d recommend working on pressing strength Monday’s (bench, push press, log press, that sort of thing). Pulling strength on Tuesdays’s (cleans, snatches, rowing, RDL, 1/2 deadlifts, etc.) and leg strength on Thursday’s (Back squat, front squat, partial squats, etc.). Friday and Sunday’s are OFF days.

On Wednesday I’d recommend plenty of abdominal work and either a bodybuilding-type workout or GPP session.