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Strongman Training Questions

Hello there everyone, I am looking to get started in Strongman but I am looking for some advice. I am definitely no novice when it comes to weightlifting, but I can’t say I’ve ever even tried lifting an atlas stone. I am really looking for just some very basic advice on the events in a competition and what the best way is to practice for these very specific challenges.
These are my current power lifting lifts if it helps you determine where I stand ( I’ve been using 5/3/1 quite a bit so i’ll include the standing shoulder press, ask me about any Olympic lifts or other exercises if you think my performance with them is applicable.)
Age: 17
Weight: 195
Squat: 405
Deadlift: 495
Bench: 275
Shoulder Press: 155 ( Needs work like crazy)

Thank you in advance you your tips and advice.

Your lifts are good but as you said, your SSP needs a hell of a lot of work. Most strongman upper body events require a lot of shoulder strength.

Highly informative thread by malonetd:

Your dead is very good for your age. Lots of people feel that your strict press means nothing, your push press and push jerk are more important, so bear that in mind. Given that it looks like you’re strong, i say keep doing what you’re doing, but focus on push press, and add in grip work. Other than that, be creative - if you want to train conans, work zerchers, etc. Lots of info on teh web about how to replicate events in a gym, gotta look around. No true substitue for actually getting your hands on the implements tho