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Strongman Training Programs


Hi guys,
iv been training for 3 years now, previously doing hypertrophy training.
At the start of this year i began power-lifting at a new gym. The gym also has substantial strongman equipment ( tires, stones, axles,farmers, yolks,logs). I have also been implementing Strongman training in my programs.
However, i would like a strongman based program, i am unaware as to how i would structure a program,nor am i sure where to start!

My previous training regime:

Monday- Squat Work
Tuesday- Strongman
Wednesday- off
Thursday- Dead-lift Work
Friday- Bench Work
Saturday- Strongman

Any intermediate to advanced programs/splits would be appreciated !


Google " How to Design a Effective Strongman Routine" by Tom Muttafis. Best article written on how to set up week to week strongman. I would post a link but the mods won't let me because of its on a rival forum. Good luck.


Just checked it out. Some awesome stuff.
Basically outlines everything!
Thanks alot.


No problem and good luck.


good to see another aussie strongman on here especially someone from sydney


my first piece of advice would be to stop thinking of a split and think of movements and skill work. well that would be my second and third piece of advice as well.

a few guys i train with do strongman events. they look months out for an event and practice those events and do accessory work for those events. they make sure to also have squats, deads, loaded carries and overheads in the training too if they are not directly part of event training. they do focus 1 day a week for just skill work on the events.


You're right. As of late iv been following a powerlifting regime. But one day a week i do event practice. Luckily enough powerlifting crosses over to strongman in most cases.. or it makes it alot easier anyway. I have a comp in a few weeks which il be going into, so il dedicate a day or incorporate some of the movements that the competition requires into my current program.


I always start off my workouts with the big compound lift then move onto isolations and assistance work.


Good advice so far.

Something to be conscious of is having "gym days" where you would squat, press and deadlift on each respective day. And then a separate "events" day where you focus on events such as, yoke walks, farmers walks, atlas stone loading ect.


I agree with xb-C. What I have noticed most people do is have a squat day, deadlift day, overhead press day, and then an event day. Now depending on your weaknesses, familiarity, and accessibility to equipment things can change. Me, I am a horrible deadlifter so I still have my weeks laid out to a similar split but prioritize my deadlifting and my weaknesses with deadlifting. Work in a lot of different rep ranges and do sets for time. Conditioning is also very important. I find I get a lot of it on my events days as a by product of the events themselves but I also like to throw some in a couple days a week on top of that.