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Strongman Training in Texas?

Any groups/gyms specifically focused on Strongman Training in the Dallas/Plano area in Texas?

I know there is one in the midcities area (Hurst I think), it’s a hardcore gym called Stroud’s Fitness. If you’re in Plano, that might be a little far for you. The only other hardcore gym I know of is Martin’s Hardcore Barbell in Denton.

Hi-I train at Martins and occasionally at Strouds. I have done a few strongman contests and I have some of the equipment-12" log, farmers walk handles, appollon’s axl etc. I am currently training for the US strongest man contest in Mass on Nov. 6th. Drop me a line if interested in training with a bunch of strong powerlifters and myself-who crosstrains both.

Traffic around that place is a nightmare most of the time when I’d go over there, but Stroud’s isn’t far from me. I’ve wondered about checking it out. What are the fees?